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  1. That is not even a link. Try uploading them to imgur.com and they will generate a URL to a page showing all of your images. Post that URL here.
  2. I am assuming you filed a motion for the court's approval to begin discovery in a JP court as there is no such thing as a "motion for discovery" in Texas. What is the name of the attorney that filed the suit? Can you post a copy of the motion you filed and the objection they filed (with your personal information redacted of course.)
  3. You need to ask your clerk of court if you must schedule a hearing as each court has its own rules on that. You don't need to include all of that "verbiage" with your answer. A simple general denial is efficient. Some may disagree but I will always say to pay the $6 for a signed certified mail receipt from USPS for their copy of anything you file with the court. JDB attorneys are among the lowest of the low and will lie or be otherwise deceptive one way or another throughout the case. When you produce the green card showing a signature of someone in their office they will have a hell
  4. I am assuming that a"ZOOM" hearing is an online or some other type of video court appearance that does not require actually showing up in person, correct? @fisthardcheese
  5. Scott and associates are about as wimpy as Rausch, Strom and co. Too lazy to do any work if they don’t automatically get granted a default judgment when the vast majority of defendants fail to even file an answer.
  6. Excellent. One of my favorite words, "non-suit"
  7. They are not closing. Besides being one of the largest exchanges in the world they pretty much have a monopoly on American bitcoiners who enjoy the option of withdrawing cash. Even after raising their fees last October by 233% for "small time" (under $10,000 transactions) users they are still thriving very well. They are gaining so much popularity with the mainstream that they have applied for and are waiting for approval from the SEC to be listed on the stock exchange by the end of this year or beginning of 2021.
  8. @fisthardcheese should know of a good place to look for one or someone else in the arbitration dept. will chime in. Most likely the plaintiff doesn’t have a copy of the agreement either.
  9. Well said. I certainly share this opinion. Does not the wording on credit card agreement state "small claims court" instead of "small claims cases"?
  10. If you ask me I’ll say it is contradicted, though vaguely, in the wording of the new Texas rules. We had a lengthy discussion last year on this topic. @BV80 likely knows right where to find it. As of then there were no known precedents set in Texas to specifically define “small claims courts” based on Texas’ new rules. In my opinion small claims courts in Texas are completely abolished, gone, and a relic of the past. The wording I recall is that “small claims cases” will now be heard in Justice (JP) courts with new procedures based on the new 500 series of rule
  11. I can’t help you with arbitration but look through my posts on the forums here to find my general denial. I just relocated to another state and my desktop computer with all of my legal notes and info on it are packed away deep in the abyss of a storage unit until I close on my new home hopefully by the end of this month. I am on my old laptop now with very few online things on it besides my I-phone jailbreaking tools. @fisthardcheese will soon see this and magically appear to walk you through the arbitration process. C’mon? Moi? Show me proof that any state has a statu
  12. You are dead wrong. One must file an answer by the stated deadline in the court papers being served upon them in any state whether or not they elect to use arbitration or to fight the case in court. In some states including Texas participating in discovery will render arbitration null and void but at the very least a general denial must be filed as soon as possible to avoid a default judgment.
  13. Small claims courts were abolished in Texas in 2013. We are not out to dispense any erratic information so please refrain from arguing with us as if we are working against you. We are here to help.
  14. What is the amount you are being sued for? Scrap the "statute of frauds" defense. That would only cause you to appear as an idiot before the court. File a general denial immediately then think about what your next move will be.
  15. A clause in the credit card agreement is trumped by state law and court rules. I didn't think they had already begun discovery, I was just clarifying it because the wording in your post could have easily been misunderstood by a "newbie." All I know about arbitration is what I have overheard here so whether or not they can start that process and then elect to abandon it and instead push for discovery should be directed to @fisthardcheese Regardless, one can motion for a continuance for any reason they so desire but it is up to the judge to decide to grant or deny it.
  16. You have failed to comprehend anything I said. There is about a 98% chance that this will not proceed to trial if you fight them either through the court or with arbitration. If you just sit idle and wait for your trial then there is about a 98% chance that you will lose.
  17. You have a very good chance of winning with this law firm whether you choose to fight it in court or to use arbitration. Again, there is almost zero chance that it will ever get to trial. As soon as they see that they are not going to get a default judgment they are notorious for not saying another word. It does not matter if PRA gets more aggressive when it costs them more to go through arbitration than they filed the lawsuit for to begin with.