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  1. K thanks so its OK to dispute this online cause I know y'all say never do anything online.
  2. So I am looking at my credit report and there are two things on it that is past the seven years plus 180 days on my credit report. I thought after seven years things are suppose to fall off. Do i dispute this with the Credit Bereau or with credit contol coorp they are the ones reporting it.
  3. The student loan is the first one I went after I actually sent them a later today and am waiting for a response will let yall know how that goes.
  4. I got a letter from Solomon and Soloman PC they are representing verizon and they are trying to get me to settle the debt. I don't even believe I owe this debt cause I didnt have a house phone in my name from verizon. On my credit report verizon is reporting so my question is I know OC do not have to validate debt so shoudl i just go into the dispute method and dispute this debt or how do i go about handling this.
  5. One student loan but that's a charge off. Ther rest is collection agencies three for book companies one for a cd company and the rest is medical bills.
  6. Thanks for bearing wih me it's some that I am going to dispute and some that I will probably try to pay for the delete I was just wondering how to go about doing it.
  7. I have pulled my credit report and have a folder with the colletion agency notices but after that I am not sure where to go start or begin. I need help or advice on whre to begin.
  8. So what r jdb or who is there a list of them on this site or is it all CA.
  9. So once I pay off a debt what happens to it. Does it come off my credit report or do it still stay on for seven years just with a zero balance.