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  1. K thanks so its OK to dispute this online cause I know y'all say never do anything online.
  2. So I am looking at my credit report and there are two things on it that is past the seven years plus 180 days on my credit report. I thought after seven years things are suppose to fall off. Do i dispute this with the Credit Bereau or with credit contol coorp they are the ones reporting it.
  3. The student loan is the first one I went after I actually sent them a later today and am waiting for a response will let yall know how that goes.
  4. I got a letter from Solomon and Soloman PC they are representing verizon and they are trying to get me to settle the debt. I don't even believe I owe this debt cause I didnt have a house phone in my name from verizon. On my credit report verizon is reporting so my question is I know OC do not have to validate debt so shoudl i just go into the dispute method and dispute this debt or how do i go about handling this.
  5. One student loan but that's a charge off. Ther rest is collection agencies three for book companies one for a cd company and the rest is medical bills.
  6. Thanks for bearing wih me it's some that I am going to dispute and some that I will probably try to pay for the delete I was just wondering how to go about doing it.
  7. I have pulled my credit report and have a folder with the colletion agency notices but after that I am not sure where to go start or begin. I need help or advice on whre to begin.
  8. So what r jdb or who is there a list of them on this site or is it all CA.
  9. So once I pay off a debt what happens to it. Does it come off my credit report or do it still stay on for seven years just with a zero balance.
  10. Thanks for all of this it really has helped alot.
  11. I have this one agency trying to collect a debt on three different accounts but they are all way past the Statue of Limitations. How would i go about handling this. They are still reporting negatively on my credit report. And other question once a debt is paid off do you have to wait seven years for it to come off or does it come off once you pay it off?
  12. Thanks for all of the interesting informations I have learned alot I have just joined yesterday and have learned alot. And you didn't hijack my thread like I said i learned alot thanks.
  13. And one more thing i have a person reporting that I am paying late bt I know I am paying on time how do i got about that.
  14. How would i go about finding out when it went deliquent? For the charge off it's the creditor the status says charged off and it was closed 03/31/2011. Yes if i do dispute them it weill def be by mail and so i will have a way of tracking it.
  15. The first one was closed on 03/31/2011 and the second was clesed on 08/22/2011.
  16. So would the date of last activity be the day that they sent it to collections if I never payed on it. And how would i go about disputing them I am just getting started and have no idea what to do.
  17. So i am looking up my credit account My first question is I have a charge off on my account what do i do about that? How do I handle that? My second question is I have one that is closed by the credit grantor is there anything I can do about that or how do i got about that. My last question is when do the statue of limitation starts. Do it start from when it was placed in collections or how does that go. I live in Va if that helps.