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  1. ok I will use both in my answer.....yes I would love to sue them both for this continued harrassment but I dont know how to go about that, any and all advice will be appreciated
  2. well it was dismissed without predjudice, but now they have filed again and the sol was up May 3 2012......what should my next step be? I know I have to submit an answer and invoke the sol, but how and when and where do I file a lawsuit against them? Yeah if there is any legal way to make them pay for putting me thru this twice I want to do it!
  3. Remember me? Midland tried to sue me last year and used the 'infeasible' to prove account due to buying in bulk..... Well these same pathetic dummies Javith Block and Rathbone just filed again on the same debt which is now 6 months PAST the sol, yes I have the sol info in writing from them from the paperwork from last year.....can I sue them for FDCPA violations ?
  4. I'm still here, lurking mostly, I let them what has da knowledge do mos da talkin lol
  5. I won against JBR in Ohio recently, I wouldnt settle with them or even talk to them on the phone.....go thru discovery, they wont have what they need, almost guaranteed......fight it out on paper step by step, you will win.....which attorney are they using in your case? I had Stephanie Donahue and she wasnt the sharpest tool in the shed let me tell you......actually her argument about infeasability has become somewhat famous on this board as a joke:lol:
  6. maybe at this point a motion to dismiss would work......they havent provided anything to prove their standing that they own YOUR account, it is all hearsay and unauthenticated unless they can provide a live witness to testify about the documents.....which they wont do....I filed an msj but didnt actually win on it, they opposed them I opposed their opposition which causes them to dismiss without predjudice......but I would file something before they do, cause after discovery and pre trial that is what they will do, they will file msj against you and then you will have to fight them on that....
  7. You will have to challenge all of their documents as hearsay, the bill of sale doesnt have your name and account number on it, challenge that, make them prove they own your account, challenge their standing to even bring suite against you
  8. Colt, you just enjoy this so much lol you take so much pleasure in your mind games, the rest of us get to live vicariously thru your jdb shenanigans
  9. My oldest son was getting collection calls and letters about an old hospital bill....I sent out a dv for him along with a letter stating they needed to quit calling our number etc.....a few weeks later we got an apology letter stating they would remove all his information from their collections and remove tl from his credit report!!!! There was no fight in them whatsoever....send dv, make them go away
  10. Make sure you answer that summons in time, this is the first very important step, if you dont they can get a default judgment against you.....a general denial works, dont use affirmative defenses, you can worry about that later when you see what they have.......ask for discovery, they wont have much, they never do, and what they do have is considered hearsay, unless they bring in a live witness from the original creditor you can object to any paperwork and bill of sale they send need to concentrate on destroying their standing to even sue you.....Midland is sloppy, they never hav
  11. DONT give them any information at all ZIP ZERO ZILCH especially not your employer or where you bank......answer summons, ask for discovery, we can help you with all of that....Midland is stupid, seriously, I just beat them in Ohio....can you win......fight them!!!
  12. Hit them with lack of standing AFTER discovery when you see what they have and dont have......then surprise them with lack of standing....file msj on them before they can file it on you because they WILL.....BUZZARDS
  13. GOOD JOB!!! While I only talked to my magistrate on the phone, I felt by the tone of his voice also that he was rooting for me, I really think they get a kick out of us very few who actually stand up and fight these things out....and hey who are they to say you werent harmed??? Oh the trauma, the sleepless nights, the upset stomach, the stress headaches....go nail them, get ya some play money from them for your troubles:lol:
  14. Ok I am not an expert but I did recently beat Midland in Ohio.....first thing is to answer the summons with a denial....I used a general denial....basically said I owe them nothing, you will probably want to be a little more professional but at that point I didnt know anything and just wanted to get my answer in After that you just take it one step at a time, you will go thru discovery etc......admit nothing, just remember that, it takes several months to go thru the whole process but you can beat them, they dont have what they need to win in court, so hang in there and keep posting here and g
  15. Yup been screwed by ebay........sold this broad two dolls, sent them, didnt use tracking, she emails me and doesnt ask IF and WHEN I mailed the dolls, asks only for a tracking number, I explained I hadnt used tracking but had mailed them priority on such and such a date and the witch (who I strongly believe received the dolls) filed with ebay that she hadnt received them and they refunded her all her money, so I am out the dolls and the shipping costs, AND fees..... I didnt have any money in my paypal account so they then emailed me that I owed them the money out of my bank account, I told the