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  1. Thanks for the posts everyone. I think I'll leave my account open with Wells and just keep a little bit of money there to throw them off the trail. They can seize it and feel that they've "got me." If they don't know about, and don't put me under oath to answer about my account at Timbuktu National Credit Union then I doubt they'll ever find it. Obviously I won't be conducting any transactions that could possibly link the two accounts. Just using postal money orders and cash should do the trick. Hopefully they'll eventually get tired and want to settle for a discount.
  2. I'm sure your right, however I've heard that some states have mechanisms requiring the creditor to submit paperwork with the courts and go through a long process before they can levy the bank account. The debtor will be tipped off to what the creditor is doing and can react before the money is seized. Anyone know which states are more debtor friendly in this regard?
  3. What states, if any, do not participate in the Uniform Enforcement of Foreign Judgments Act? I'm looking for states that make it burdensome for a collector with a judgment to levy the bank account if the judgment originated in another state. Thanks!
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