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  1. I am concidering filling out the aplication to get this card but hate the idea of applying and being denied My credit score is in the 740 range with esblished credit in the last 3-4 years I have always been told AE cards are pretty hard to get this card seems to have some really good cash back ensentives and no anual fee right now I have discover and master card and some store cards best buy - home depot kholes jc penny my
  2. I have been told by most to keep the store cards open and a little active thanks for the input and suggesting to go with BOA
  3. good morning about me I have several store card I have a citi bank master card threw sears with a 400 limit I have the wal mart discover with a 700 limit my home depot card ( that I have never used) for some reason is a 2000 limit typically really this is all the credit I need so I have not really applied for a card in awhile But Now I am thinkikng I would like to get a singel visa or MC with a higher limit I have two trips coming up in april and may . for what if's and or emergancy cash a 1000 ,iles from home it would be nice to have a card with more funds then my present limits my credit score is 720ish all in good standing , my debt to income ratio is next to none I problaby am 200 dollars in debt I have been a BOA customer for about 6 years in good standing .. I was thinking about getting or applying for there card well thats the jist of it // any input would be great
  4. good sugestions at the moment I dont have a property I have my heart set on buying so I will just let it go for the time being but will keep that in mind in the event I find the house before I find the 'full time" job
  5. thanks for the reply I some what understand there reasoning. but what bothers me is at my rate of pay , althou I only work 25 hours I could easily afford the monthy payment of the loan I was asking for . I think it is silly to find a less paying job so I can work more hours
  6. i have been told by the mortgage lender I have been working with that the underwrites have told her there unable to approve my request of a home loan due to the fact I am considered a part time employee and it is required for a part time employee to have been with the same company for over one year she has advised me , my best bet to secure a mortgage would be to find full time employment and re apply dose this sound correct ? by the way this was for a usda loan , or fha
  7. this judgment is by an individual who took me to court and the court did the judgment cence then I have worked out a deal with the person and he is satisfied . that hes been paid , point being , I dont know if this is what was said about vacating the judgment or paying it i have not paid the court a dime , just the person directly
  8. she ( the broker) asked me about the judjment , I told her I was working to get it satisfied and she said "Oh Ok" in a real casual way. the best I think I can do is to get the form filled out from the clerck of court that says it has been satisfied/
  9. as some of you may or may not know I am in the process of obtaining a home loan. or rather am trying to . a judgment is is showing on my report from back in 06. will this ruin any chance of getting a mortgage , the lender told me for the most part everything else looked good my averge score between the three as of today was 688 I do think I have a chance of getting the person of filed the judgment to sign off that it has been satisfied, but not 100 % sure but I would like to know on the worst case scenario that If can not get it removed will this stop everything thanks once again
  10. thanks for the info.. just what I wanted to know
  11. what are the diffrences in apply for a loan to build a house vs buying a house also , are usda and fha loans avail to build . can the land purchace price be included in the loan or must that already be paid for in full ?
  12. so it would look better if you had the same leval of income over the last couple of years ,,
  13. thanks for the info on the sites on the annual credit site/ are you limted to one report per year? can you pay for a copy if you dont want to wait the year edit to add i read the FAQ . and see I can use the site 3 times once for each reporting agency thanks again for the reply and info
  14. how greatly do previously years taxes filed effect your ability to obtain a mortgage. if in 2010 I did not make enough to pay a mortage loan that I am applying for now , can I be denied the loan? or in other words do you have to have the same leval of income for the past two years to get a mortgage loan
  15. what is the best credit monitoring service for the money I have seen the adds for free credit report dot com and I know there are others out there . I would be interested in joining one but I am thinking there around 35 dollars.. witch my not be a great deal of money , but if the site is no good for an individual to actually monitor there credut and get a good idea of my score and see just whats on there it would be a waist of money thanks for you time and replys
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