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  1. the whole 3 yr sol argument and the new az law is ex past facto
  2. do i deny that arizona has jurisdiction over this matter since contract was under delaware law?
  3. can I respond to the summons make my defense the standing Issue than file a motion to dismiss based on the sol of 3 yr has ran its course than make verbal arguments that the 2011 new law doesnt apply to my case?
  4. Do I send a subpoena duces tecum for the bill of sale/ account history/ proof of their standing?
  5. state of account looks like a print off the jdb screen and affidavid from am system, llc's manger to the best of his knowledge its true.?????
  6. I went to the court house to pick up my complaint was served by clerk. last payment open 8/23/05 last pay7/11/07 interest 2,537.92 I. that Plaintiff is an Arizona limited liability comany and is at this time, assignee of Defendant's contract with chase bank usa, n.a II. That defendant(s) is/are /were resident(s) of maricopa county, Arizona and the venue is porper in this Court. III. That in all matters mentioned herein, the defandants(s) acted as agent for,on behalf of and in furtherance of his or her marital community, if any. Iv. that heretofore and prior to the filing of this action defen