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  1. Praise God - I won!!!! I followed the advice and copied the forms from below (actually from the original post, which is the same as below). I started dealing with Midland Funding and Kramer and Frank about 6 months ago. I responded to all of their mailings, starting with the notice of the collection being turned over to Midland Funding. I ended up in being taken to court by Kramer and Frank. I received a notice, then the first set of letters (all in confusing legal terms, even for someone with a MS in Criminal Justice.). I came across this website and thread and followed the guidelines listed below. I was scheduled for court four times. I asked for a continuance the first time. The second time, they asked for a continuance. The third time the judge set the case for trial. I was prepared to go to the next step on Monday. However, today I received a NOTICE OF DISMISSAL from Kramer and Frank! It really does work!!!