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  1. Did they remove it from the the three CRA records?
  2. Also, how come all the credit reports i end up getting dont have the full account number? The last 4 are always x'd out.
  3. SOL in PA is 4 yrs. I tried sending a dispute to the one bureau a while back, and the reply was something along the lines of they are no longer accepting mail disputes. All disputes must be made online. They mailed dispute was seen as an attempt at identity theft. .... or some such horse pucky. I have been trying one at a time with the online system and getting nowhere.
  4. I have only ever gotten 3 different letters from them. Ever. I have more in collections from them than that. I was stupid and naive thinking that bad credit wouldnt hurt me if i never used it. Now, that I am aiming for a mortgage, it hurts!
  5. There are some others, but I'm trying to do this one step at a time. I only have easy access to the one report. I'm hesitant to start paying for reports, if I cant get anywhere with the one I already have. Also, should I be disputing them with the online forms? or through snail mail? The online dispute forms seam kind of bare bones.
  6. Still send as a registered letter with a sig receipt right?
  7. I am attempting to write a DV request letter to IC Systems for a medical bill from 2007. Are there any sample letters i can refer to, specifically medical related? All I am asking of them is proof they have been assigned the collection of the debt, the original balance, the date it entered "non-payment", and a basic account statement from the OC at the time of the assignment. Did I miss anything?
  8. My wife and I are both 26 yrs old with a 2 yo son. We have been renting all along with an all inclusive rent. No 'utility' payments. Both our scores are terrible due to medical collections. Mine is a 561, and hers is a 590. Those are the scores as reported by freecreditscore.com. Most of the items in both are from 2008 and earlier. We are looking to expand the family, and feel a house would be in our best interest. I have been juggling small secured credit cards in an attempt to boost out scores for about 9 mos. Only recently keeping them at or below 30%. Maybe 2 or 3 mos. What are my options for boosting our scores? She has an auto loan for a 2012 cruze in good standing on her report. I have no loans on mine. I would have posted this in the credit-repair section, but I cant access it. I just drops me at the forum home.
  9. same here. i wanted to make my first forum post in there... but I guess I can settle on complaining about the forum instead.
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