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  1. Thanks for the help! I'll study court procedures and rules of evidence as it seems my case will need to be won in the discovery phase, once/if they bring suit (which I think they will). Also, I'll study this board and read-up on the material you recommended. Take care.
  2. Thanks for the advice Big Time. I'll look into that, as well. And thanks also for the clarification of Clark & Chaudry cases.
  3. I know that's good advice and I'm working on that. Thanks for your reply! I see what you mean. I guess I'll have to prepare for the next phase by continuing to learn the law and also the court procedures as BV80 suggested. Is it true that these debts get sold around so much that there's a good opportunity to defeat the claim in many cases? My concern is the possibility of adding expensive attorney and collection fees to the debt (on the side of the Plaintiff) by the time all is said and done if I lose, and having to pay twice what I owe because of that.
  4. That makes sense. I expect to be sued to by this firm. They sued me before, but dropped the suit -- presumably because I was not properly served. But, now we've been in contact and they can serve me properly. Would it make sense to reply and say something like, "Yes, but if you intend to file suit please be advised that I will require those items mentioned." Thanks for the reply.
  5. That's true. I'm not. But, in most of the articles I've read online and in related books it's stated that in 95% of cases CAs cannot properly validate a debt. It is also stated that it's difficult and time-consuming for CAs to properly comply with the DV requirements, and that requesting proper DV will cause many CAs (in fact I think it's often claimed that the majority) to move to other cases where they can simply obtain default judgements because the person being collected from does not respond to letters and summons. As we all often see, when faced with prosecution a tactic that often dete
  6. So, what is the purpose of all of the items demanded in the sample DV letter on this forum? If all the CA has to do is sent a photocopy of a statement, not provide a copy of the contract, not provide anything showing they've been authorized to collect on the behalf of the original creditor, then what is the purpose of all the discussion on this forum (as well as books that discuss similar strategies)?
  7. I sent a debt validation letter to the law offices of Bleier & Cox LLP. They replied by sending a photocopy of the front and back of a statement showing account balance and my name & address. The back of the page contained just general terms. I sent them a letter informing them that they had not satisfied the debt validation requirements and requesting that they cease all collection activity until they did. This is their reply: We are in receipt of your recent letter in which you contend that the information we previously sent you to validate this debt was insufficient. Please be a
  8. I think you may be right; that the action may have been dismissed because they couldn't serve me properly. I will respond as you suggested -- that makes complete sense to me and sounds like the only logical path to follow. Thank you very much for the reply and the advice. (Next I have to find out what to do when they respond to the DV letter with insufficient proof, like another agency did with a one page copy of a statement, along with a copy of the back of the statement showing their terms. Because, that's probably how they'll respond. But now that I've found this forum I'm sure the answer
  9. Hello. I had a collection agency/law firm contact me about a debt they said I owed. I asked what it was and to send me proof that I owed it. Instead of answering my request, they said that there had already been a summons served. I said I'd never received a summons. They told me they'd send a copy, and they sent me a copy of a very old summons. I looked up the case on the Los Angeles Superior Court website. To my surprise the case showed "dismissal without prejudice filed for the entire action as to all defendant(s) and all causes of action(s) as of 2/24/2012". Then I received a demand for pa