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  1. Yeah, I see your points. What irks me with this entire situation is that I've had a spotless history with them for 14+ years. Being overly general here, I missed some payments recently but cured them as quickly as I could. I pulled my credit reports, the worst I see is 60 days and others show as I'm now current. Per their statement which I still receive monthly I don't have a past due. As I now have come to realize, different creditors use different criteria to deem an account as defaulted. I've intentionally ignored Zwicker altogether from day 1 making payments to AMEX. Perhaps this prompted the lawsuit. As I mentioned above, I filed my Answer and I got a settlement offer four days later. Out of principle, I am leaning towards fighting this. The remedy I asked for from the judge is not the norm. I worked for a large international law firm and have been to a number of large, protracted trials, so this process doesn't really phase me, and I know the games they play. I've already seen some sneaky tactics they tried, even in the settlement offer! Let me think about this a bit more before I decide to share more details. I appreciate the PM's and replies.
  2. Hi everyone, I have been lurking on this site for the last month after I was served with a Summons and Complaint from Zwicker on behalf of American Express. I have read many treads here and I am appreciative that there exists such a site where one can leverage experience of others to learn and make the process a bit less stressful. I filed my Answer early this week, and I received a settlement offer from Zwicker today. I was going to post my background information and request feedback from wise members of this site on what I wanted to accomplish moving forward. However, it occurred to me that if Zwicker is monitoring this site, they can easily determine that it's me. Does it really matter if they read and know it's me? I guess they can predict what I may do based on responses, etc. I really would like to elicit feedback, but I may not have thought through all the potential cons of posting details that may reveal who I am to Zwicker. Unfortunately, I can't obtain useful feedback from the community without posting those specific details. Kind of a catch-22, I suppose. Thoughts? Thanks!