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  1. @BV80 Thank you! With your information I was able to Google additional info in seconds, where before I had no luck at all. Actually I even found a similar thread on this forum. I feel dumb now
  2. Hello All, My question is primarily for New York State law bookworms. I keep reading on different sites statements such as this: "But the black mark remains on your credit report for seven years, regardless of the debt's legal status. (The one exception to the seven-year rule is for New York State residents, whose demerits disappear just five years after the delinquency, if they pay the charge-off amount or satisfy a court judgment.)" What NY statue are they referring to? And how can I make CRA's to comply with the above? Also, did anyone have a success with settling the debt and then removing it this way?
  3. Hey All, I'm trying to figure out approximate dates some of the charge-offs will disappear from my reports. Please let me know if I did the basic math right This one: DOFD is October 2009, then it was current then defaulted again in March of 2010, sooo..... DOFD+7.5 years = April 2017, right? DOFD June 2009 - falls off on or around December 2016 DOFD November 2009 ~ March 2017? Does that sound right?
  4. @shellieh98 unfortunately without, but I took it and ran
  5. Just wanted to thank you all on this forum for great information provided in order to give me ammo to defeat Midland! 90% of support and information was from this forum and 10% was reading up on the court's rules and procedures. I am truly grateful, guys! I had default judgement entered against me by Midland in 2011, and it took me a while to collect my composure to go up against these guys. Today they folded completely and case was dismissed!
  6. I heard the reversed that after complains, but I guess they snuck it back in. Damn it, I was hoping for a quick boost of my score.
  7. Finally got a credit card where I am an authorized user pop up on CreditKarma. Opened in 2009, limit $15,000, balance $2,000. FACO score did not change a single point. What gives?
  8. Thanks TomnTex! Care to let me know what form should I use or push me in the right direction? I'm beginning to suspect my tax accountant is not that knowledgeable at all..
  9. I dealt directly with AmEx, they never sold or transferred my debt, unlike the rest of 'em. I learned not to settle with CA from this forum, so Amex gets my hard earned cash for sticking with me.
  10. After months of negotiations, finally got to the middle ground of 29% and settled. Probably could get them to agree for a lower percentage, but... I am happy, since this was the only account still owed by OC, and I keep reading that these guys are efficient in courts. Feels good to get rid of at least some debt, too. Now the dreaded 1099-C is coming next year. Any advice how to deal with that?
  11. That's what I figured, since it is already on my credit report, the time is on my side.
  12. I have a medical bill that OC is willing to settle for 80% of the amount. They do not budge on the ammount, I've tried. They assigned this debt to a collection agency that is willing to settle it for 60%. Both said they will remove the tradeline from CRA's upon payment, but refused to put anything in writing. I recorded all phone conversations from both OC and CA. So the question is, should I take the risk and settle with CA and save 20%?
  13. I have a default judgement against me won by Midland in 2011, and I am preparing to vacate it for a long time now. I felt that I was not ready yet for a court battle, and thank god that it took me that long, because I just found out about "Portfolio Recovery Associates, LLC vs King", that might help me shrink this debt's SOL from New York's 6 years to Delaware's 3 years. Using Delaware SOL, my debt SOL runs out this months. Now, when I vacate the default judgement based on a sewer service, should I include that in my answer right away, or try to spring it on Midland later on and move to dismiss the case? I've read somewhere on this forum that when he tried to mention " Portfolio Recovery Associates, LLC v King", NY judge did not care for it!
  14. Stories like this bring my morale down, when I think of my upcoming battle. I had a sewer service also. Do you mind telling me which Court this took place in? I'm also from NY.