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  1. Count me as one of the ones ColtFan has helped, in more ways than one. I mean, seriously, without a doubt, this guy literally saved my life. Can't think of any other way to put it. I'm another who was on the verge of suicide & had relapsed back into alcoholism because of my case. I tell you the truth, I am not on this forum much anymore, but when I was, I felt like the help I was getting from other people just wasn't cutting it (no offense to anyone, but let's face it, whether you like him personally or not, he is extremely knowledgable, and has courage unlike anyone else.) Never really
  2. I'm just so thankful this is finally over, and I can get on with my life! Looking back, this was easily one of the hardest things I've ever had to overcome to date. It probably sounds cliche' and/or corny, but I feel like a stronger, more confident person now. I really do! Couldn't have done this without you guy's help though After all, there's no ''I'' in team. This was definitely a team effort. There's no way I could have done this alone! Without the forum, it would not have been a victory, but a lost cause. Special thanks goes out to ColtFan, my Godsend BeerGoggles, LegalEagle, BV80, 1St
  3. Figured I'd start a new thread to announce this. To me, it looks like we won, what do you guys think?! Ms. __________ – Our client has agreed to dismiss this case with prejudice. I will prepare a release of claims for your review in the next day or so. This communication is from a debt collector.
  4. Okay, I don't know if this is a trick to get me to not show up at trial, but I want your opinion in this email I just received from JDB's attorney, whom I've been in contact with under the direction of ColtFan. To me, it looks like we won, but what do you guys think??? Ms. __________ – Our client has agreed to dismiss this case with prejudice. I will prepare a release of claims for your review in the next day or so. This communication is from a debt collector.
  5. Well, I'm just a bit confused, because I'm getting 2 different answers here. ColtFan told me off-forum to just mention to them in an email I was going to be sending them anyway that I'm going to oppose it, but basically that it's a choice, but not actually make-or-break the case necessary to do it. Now I'm getting a completely different answer, which is I ''have to'' to formally oppose it, that it's absolutely I'm not quite sure what to do now exactly What would opposing it likely accomplish? (if I ''won'' with the opposition, that is.)
  6. Thanks guys! And no, as ColtFan stated, I am not losing, that's completely out of the question. Trial or no trial, hell or high water, they are going down! They've caused me so much pain, it's not even funny. Let's just say 2 years sober is down the drain thanks to them & their stupid case. But NO MORE! I'm officially done with them & their crap. I've changed dramatically since my first post(s) on this forum. This has been quite the experience, and I challenge everyone reading this to FIGHT BACK! You owe it to yourselves not to be quitters, and you'd be surprised at what you can lear
  7. Okay, so I am pretty sure I told you guys that with the help of ColtFan, their summary judgment motion got annihilated. I thought they'd back down & I'd be getting a dismissal/stipulation letter in the mail by now, but I guess they're just dragging it out & delaying the inevitable. Wanted to move for summary judgment myself, but that is not an option due to Arizona's rule saying it has to be no less than 90 days before trial, so that's not going to work. Well, a few days ago, they have the nerve to send me a letter trying to get me to settle before trial Coltfan helped me come up with
  8. You guys are too much! Thanks for the laugh Good job on figuring out who it is that was helping me, too. Wouldn't have gotten this far without his help, let me tell you. He is truly a Godsend. I have a question, and it may or not be a dumb one: Is a DV letter sent right after a complaint is received considered an attempt at Discovery? I know I was wasting my time sending one, but wondering simply because they failed to answer my request for production back in April, and I believe that could very well be how we defeated their summary judgment.
  9. Well, I sure as heck didn't do it alone! So I wouldn't say it was just I who beat their MSJ, It was more like a joint effort. There's no ''I'' in team! The person responsible knows who they are, as they frequent this forum quite a bit. They saved me from an inevitable loss; I was in WAY over my head! As far as a dismissal goes, that's what I'm hoping for! That would be an absolute dream right now. With the help of the person I mentioned before, I managed to get 25 admissions questions to them, the same time I filed the opposition. Surprisingly, they answered, but they tripped up majorly on a
  10. I know my thread hasn't been active in a while (you probably thought I dropped off the face of the earth ) but figured I'd write a quick update on what's going on with my case. So, not too long ago, Midland/the lawyer's office filed for summary judgment. With the help of someone very nice & knowledgeable off-forum, I managed to get an opposition put together, and got notice in the mail yesterday that their MSJ is toast The judge ruled in favor of me, the Defendant. He denied my motion for sanctions, though, no sure why Mediation at the end of June was a joke. It was just me, no mediator
  11. Doesn't surprise me that they wouldn't give you a copy of the rules at the courthouse. They said the same thing to me. I don't think they were taking me seriously, that I was actually going to fight the complaint against me In my case, they provided an affidavit, a generic poorly done copy of a card agreement (with the complaint) and lastly (with the summary judgement) an application for credit dated 2005. They haven't proven they own the debt, that I made payments, or that it isn't past SOL. I'm not using SOL as my defense, but you can. I'm focused more on Standing & Hearsay (garbage, un
  12. Everything BeerGoggles said, I concur. I am currently fighting Midland here in AZ as well. In fact, in the same county, and I even have the same law office as you (Jerold Kaplan). Only difference between our cases is the original creditor, and the amount. And the fact that I'm a little further into my case (got my summons in the beginning of March.) They filed a Motion For Summary Judgement the day before yesterday, which is scary & intimidating at first; but I have to say, without the help of people on this forum, I'd be nowhere near ready to handle it. I'd pretty much be screwed. Don't
  13. The link's still not working. I've tried refreshing the page, using Google Chrome and Internet Explorer's browser instead of my usual FireFox....nothing. It still won't come up for me. It must hate me, LoL. Don't worry about it. I'll never know the answer to how many Admissions questions I'm allowed, but whatever. Hopefully there's no limit. I really need to focus on my reply/opposition right now anyway, so it's all good.
  14. I know, it seemed like I was panicking when I wrote my last post. It wasn't that I was surprised that they filed MSJ, it was more or less when. The timing just surprised me, that's all. I was sort of panicking, but now I've managed to calm down a bit, and realize I have more control of the situation than I originally thought. Thanks to a very nice person outside of the forum helping me, everything is going to be A-Okay Looking forward to winning this, and moving on with my life. I won't let evil Midland have this hold on me anymore, I am officially done!
  15. Okay, so the links you gave me aren't working. It says this: Information You have requested a page that is not supported by this site.