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  1. They wanted to voluntarily dismiss.. I said with prejudice please. The voluntarily dismissed with prejudice costs taxed to Plaintiff. They even drew up the order for the judge to sign..they were real nice8-)
  2. That's right my case with LVNV funding was dismissed with prejudice! I want to say when I started reading this board, I was skeptical but had nothing to lose! but to all the new people reading just listen, ask specific questions and FOLLOW the advise you are given! You will prevail. A huge thank you to all the people that helped me!, I can't name names as I might forget someone! But seriously thank you all for posting and sharing your knowledge with me and everyone else here. Again I was skeptical but what was the worse that could happen they would get judgement, well if I didn't fight that would happen anyway. Sorry if I rambled just very excited and have the order signed by judge in hand!
  3. I rarely sell on ebay but sold this phone Casio G'zOne Commando Clean ESN For Parts Only Black Verizon Smartphone 3G 044476815645 | eBay For PARTS ONLY Not working even a picture of shattered phone.. Customer complained something inside was locked ..ebay gave him a refund I got back a box of pieces!
  4. I found it! The registered agent is the same for both! Do I still serve both separately? My first time being the plaintiff!
  5. It is Resurgent Capital Services and LVNV Funding, I do not see a registered agent in TN ?? Am I missing something?
  6. Ok have my lawsuit all typed up ready to go..Sent copy to defendant with notice of ITS ..I'm filing in General Sessions and I understand they will most likely transfer to Federal...but since I have also listed state law violations..I want to start in GS so if it is moved to federal court it can be remanded back to the state court if necessary... Now I am, in TN ....Defendants addresses are in South Carolina..Once filed.. how do I have them served? Coltfan, LE other wise people please let me know if you want me to pm the suit to you.. I do not wish to post the actual context publicly..
  7. All of this has been since first of March this year! What law? I disputed debt they continue to try to collect without validating. They transfer from one CA to another just hoping I will miss a DV(No this is not breaking a law) I don't think saying purchased from Arrow financial another JDB with only the last 4 digits of an account # could be considered validation by any means..surely it would have to at the very minimum have to include the entire acct number. They verified with CRA's then sent letter a week later they are investigating the dispute with CRA's how can you investigate post verifying...should that not come prior? I am reading case law..I will try to come up with case law formulate a lawsuit and post it here for your guys help.
  8. But then I am not as familiar with the law as you.. I want to file suit but I think I'm going to use a lawyer.. What if I with my luck got an attorney the likes of you?
  9. History first received letter from M&P Attorney's. Send DV ! 2nd letter from M&P said since I didn't dispute debt is considered valid. 2nd DV sent CMRR saying oh yes I did dispute.. They transferred to FRS..DV to FRS CMRR Next comes Resurgent Sent DV Letter.. before they receive DV letter receive letter from Resurgent Saying This is Debt Validation.. LVNV has recently purchased this acct from Arrow Financial..Last 4 digits of an acct # balance...Nothing else... However the letter at the top says Original Creditor Washington Mutual.. So I send another DV letter to Resurgent CMRR.. During this time LVNV verifies with all 3 CRA's Where I disputed. Received Next Letter from Resurgent saying it was checking on the disputed items from the CRA's What?? they already verified! Send yet another letter telling them well it was verified on the 8th of May and since there letter indicates they are now researching..on what basis did they verify?? Ok today receive another letter from Resurgent that they are looking into my dispute..but if they can not reach me within 21 days collections will continue.. Well it gives me the option to pay...continued collections? You obviously know how to get in touch with me..I respond to every letter you send...What would you guys do now??? I swear if it was not for this forum..I would be in the looney house by now!
  10. I respect you guys so much .I search your posts extensively. I do want to file a lawsuit, why not strike first? Before they sue me. I am trying to find the correct laws to cite..since the first and 2nd letter came from attorney and signed non attorney.....overhshadowing? And what about receiving...2 letters from resurgent within 5 days of Each other? I had already sent dv and they send second letter? I am not afraid to sue. And I am in TN so can't countersue in small claims...any links for caselaw I keep reading but when I find one case then I find another that contradicts it..I need guidance..
  11. Please help write a very strong letter! And your opinions with should I file suit! Around march 1st received letter from Morgan & pottingers attorneys Says lvnv funding placed acct for collection. Signed non attorney. This was first contact lvnv never sent me a first letter. I replied with dv (did not send cmrr) I have learned the error in my ways. So then approx April 2nd received 2 nd letter same company debt is valid since I didn't dv ..I send dv letter certified mail and said I very well sent timely dv and disputed debt! So I pull credit reports see lvnv funding dispute with all 3 cra's Approx April 17 th receive letter this acct had been placed with frs for collections with settlement offer. I send another dv letter stating I dispute the debt and who gave them the authorization to settle? May 2nd receive letter from resurgent says this is debt validation On second page says your acct recently purchased from arrow financial original creditor wamu balance is 7k no letterhead no statement nothing Ok send letter to dv I dispute this debt sent cmrr. On may 7th just 5 days later receive letter from resurgent says your acct has been placed with resurgent for collections.. They then verified with all 3 cra's may 8th. I have kept all green cards and letters.. So wtf? I want to send them a letter saying you owe me! I await the responses I know you guys are awesome!
  12. Ok as far as banks sold transferred whatever. Providian- Wamu- Chase. However bought sold whatever IDK. but letter is original, in original envelope from wamu. I called chase they said they have all the original files from wamu. Account goes back to 2004 with charges and statements. Account went into default Dec/2006 My question was ok you have all files, and they are complete? Chase Fraud Investigator: Yes. Did you charge off the account or wamu? wamu Did you sell the account or wamu? Chase sold the acct. Ok mam I did get behind, and I paid in full in 2008 and I have letter stating so, why is it that you have all records except this one? Ok now I have notified you, I have been put thru hell and back for 3.5 yrs with debt collectors, and now thru extensive searching as you would never take my word it was paid off, I find the letter showing paid..what are you going to do about it? Ohhh uhhhh we will have to call the account bank from Collect America... Ok well it's been sold 3 additional times since then! We will get it cleared up.. Ok let's see what happens now!
  13. Also point being I have DV'd each and every CA! had they bothered to send me validation they could have/should have known the account is paid in full. So why couldn't I sue them when they have knowingly and intentionally caused me severe emotional distress, trashed my credit report, Has been disputed multiple times yet they continue to verify it. Hypothetically speaking of course.
  14. Hypothetically speaking, Bank 1, bought Bank 2, Bank 2 letter date 09/22/2008 was taken over by Bank 3 shortly after I think.
  15. Ok here is the deal...I have been realistically sued by LVNV Funding Court Date is Tuesday. Filed Swon denial with court and served on Plaintiff. Now this is General Sessions Tennessee So after Tuesday a trial date will be scheduled. Let's say it is a given I have DV'd every letter I have ever received. Now after Tuesday trial date is set and request for discovery begins.. They sued me, I kept asking for proof it was never provided.. Now here comes the "hypothetical Scenario" If in my efforts to locate papwerwork since discovery has begun. I happen to find the paper received from Bank... Ok bank 1 was taken over by bank 2...bank 2 was taken over by bank 3...bank 3 is the one that c/o sold Paper found happens to be from bank 2 apologising for sending my account to collections and says they have received the check for payment in full... Sorry for the confusion...wishing you well in future banking endeavors... So if I just "happen" to find this letter....where does this put me as far as suing the crap out of everyone from top down?
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