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  1. Thanks for the responses. It's really helpful. Just wondering a couple more things. Do I need to send in the original letter that ERC sent me along with the DV or can I just send the DV to the address they provided? Also, thought I read on another post something about NOT signing the DV. Was wondering if that holds true? And send this stuff Registered Mail yes? Thanks again. This stuff sucks!! hahaha
  2. New here so I hope this isn't redundant. I just received a collection notice from Enhanced Recovery Company.LLC stating that Hoffe & Associates has attempted to resolve your account. As a result of your failure to resolve this it has been turned over to Enhanced Recovery Company. I have checked all 3 CR Agencies and nothing appears on them. My credit is great. US Bank doesn't even show up as a bank that I have ever used. This is obviously the first thing I have ever heard about this. Never heard of Hoffe & Associates or Enhanced Recovery. I am wondering if I should DV them if nothing is in my credit reports? If for some reason I did use US Bank it would have been 7-8 years ago when I was in Colorado and I am now in Washington for the past 61/2 years. Is it possible to find out if I have ever used US Bank through the CR Agencies? Thought I would ask for a little advice here first before I proceeded with anything. It seems like if they were trying to collect something it would show up in one (or all) of my credit reports. Not sure if this is a scam. Thanks in advance. This site is great. It has really opened my eyes. Cheers
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