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  1. I have never received any communication from them nor have I contacted them before. The letter is from Northland Group which states the owner of the debt is LVNV and the original creditor is one of the major credit card companies. I do not recall ever having a credit card with this company and do not remember having this debt. I don't recall exactly when it's from according to my credit report, but if I recall it is close to falling off so I think around 2008.
  2. Hi guys, I'm hoping someone can enlighten me about where to go from here. Like a lot of others, I'm attempting to repair my credit. Pulled credit report and noticed about $2500 in debt on two different accounts to LVNV Funding. One month in particular I noticed the reported balance jumped by $200. Anyway, I sent them a debt validation request, certified mail. They received the letter. A week later I received a collections notice from the company. They did not send any validation of the debt, only this collection letter. It had the blurb about how i need to send a validation request within 30 d