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  1. The lawyer sent me a letter today threatening garnishment and all that jazz if I don't make arrangements to pay within 10 days. All they did was reference the case number and I still haven't received a thing from the court. I've had an insanely busy work schedule lately and haven't had time to head to the court during their business hours to get information. Too bad I couldn't just quit work for 10 years and live on savings or something like that. I'd really like to stick it to these JDBs and their attorneys.
  2. Well again I haven't heard anything from the court in ages. The whole process has been lacking professionalism, from spelling errors on documents to a lack of organization. Are all all court systems like this these days? I can understand a huge load of cases going through the system but for crying out loud get things right! I'll head to the court in the next day or so and see what information they have and compare it to mine. We'll see if anything is missing.
  3. That's a good idea, I hadn't considered trying to bargain with them. I suppose it would be preferable to pay them something in order to avoid damaging my credit for 10 years. So I suppose now I must wait for documentation to come from the court. I've emptied my bank accounts as a precaution since they'll doubtlessly get to work on garnishment and all that garbage as soon as they can. Ugh, this is NOT how I wanted to start out 2013. First my Pop has a trip to the hospital after fainting and busting his head open, now I find out this JDB apparently won.
  4. Nope, never got that far. They filed for MSJ, I replied, and I haven't heard anything at all from anybody since I received their paperwork for the MSJ. I made the mistake of not watching my case status so I suppose I've missed some opportunities to combat this. It's surprising to me because the court had been prompt about sending their paperwork regarding the case prior to this. I assumed everything was fine and was waiting for February to roll around. Now I see this Adjudicated thing was entered November 26th but haven't heard a thing from the court or Cavalry in all the time since then
  5. Bad news for me folks, looks like I failed against Cavalry. Just checked my case and near the end of November the case status was changed to "Adjudicated" (though I've received nothing from the court about this yet). The trial was set for February but Cavalry made a motion for Summary Judgement. I responded of course but apparently I didn't get it right. So now I guess I'll have to look into an appeal or perhaps consider bankruptcy. The amount of money we're talking is a bit less than $10,000 but I really don't feel like forking any cash over to a JDB.
  6. This Court should also find that no reasonable trier offact could find for the Defendant on the issue of breach. The Plaintiff has produced a final billing Statement that reflects a balance due and owing on the Defendant' s account at the time of charge-off. This billing statement was also sent to the Defendant's attention, by the Original Creditor, and has never been disputed. The Defendant offers no explanation regarding the existence of this billing statement, nor does the Defendant deny its authenticity or accuracy. This billing statement proves that the Defendant failed fully to repay his
  7. Here's what they sent: MOTION FOR SUMMARY JUDGMENT The Plaintiff, Cavalry SPV I, LLC, (hereinafter "Plaintiff '), by and through counsel undersigned, hereby files this Motion for Summary Judgment against the Defendant XXXXXXX XXXXXXXX (hereinafter "Defendant"). There are no genuine issues of material fact and Plaintiff is entitled to judgment as a matter of law. The Defendant having fully answered, and discovery having been made, this Motion is both timely and proper. Therefore, Plaintiff respectfully requests that this Court enter summary judgment in favor of the Plaintiff. This Motion is sup
  8. For the foregoing reasons, Defendant, Head Mongoose, respectfully submits that the Court should deny the Plaintiff's Motion for Summary Judgment, filed herein by Cavalry SPV I, LLC. and prays for Dismissal of the Complaint by the Plaintiff with Prejudice. Respectfully submitted this 31st day of October 2012. CERTIFICATE OF SERVICE I hereby certify that a copy of the foregoing REPLY AND OPPOSITION to Plaintiff’s MOTION FOR SUMMARY JUDGEMENT in the Justice Court, Court Case No.: XXXXXX-XXXXXX was mailed to Plaintiff’s Attorney, this 31st day of October, 2012 to: JDB's Attorney.
  9. Comes now the Defendant, Head Mongoose, Pro Se, and files this REPLY AND OPPOSITION TO PLAINTIFF’S MOTION FOR SUMMARY JUDGEMENT in response to Motion For Summary Judgment filed by Plaintiff, Cavalry SPV I, LLC (hereinafter "Plaintiff") as follows: The Motion For Summary Judgment filed by the Plaintiff is insufficient as a matter of law. The Plaintiff lacks standing to sue the Defendant, since at no time did the Defendant cause any harm to the Plaintiff. The Defendant has never had any sort of relationship, business or otherwise, with the Plaintiff. At no time did the Defendant become indebted
  10. So Cavalry has filed for Summary Judgment and I'm wondering, shall I file a Reply and Opposition with a Memorandum in Support? Or just the Reply?
  11. I'm a bit confused, shall I file a REPLY AND OPPOSITION as well as a Memorandum in Support? Or just a Reply?
  12. Thanks for the tip, I never knew about Google Scholar. Certainly makes it easier to find more relevant info. Thanks again!
  13. Yeah, I've tried finding examples on the forum and around Google but nothing that quite applies to me has come up.
  14. I've searched the forum but am having trouble finding examples to use. They've also not answered my Discovery requests, do you know of examples I can cite for that as well?