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  1. I have recently checked 2 of my 3 credit reports and seen 1 of my scores. It is lower then I had hoped, 606 on Experian. Equifax will not send me my report until I fax them my drivers license and SSN. On my TU report, I have 3 positive items and 3 negative items. The negative is a medical bill which I have already payed, and an old red light ticket that shows up twice. I think this was payed, it shows a balance of $0 on both, but it still shows "in collection"/"placed for collection". I think it is about 8 months to a year old. The other one is newer and I just paid it like a week ago. The 3 positive items are my old car loan which I never missed a payment on, that I payed off 3 or 4 years ago, a credit card that was closed probably 6-9 years ago with no misses, and I am listed as 'authorized' on a company credit card with no late payments - I think that is called piggybacking when people do it for their credit, my boss just added me so I could use the card. The TU report showed all 6, the Experian report showed just the 1 negative medical bill and the car loan. I applied for and recieved a current credit card with a $500 limit since I didn't have one, and before I knew to try and negotiate for credit removal I payed off that medical bill. My questions is, does anyone care to guess what that and the card will do to my credit score? My other question is, should I contact the credit collector listed for the ticket (it shows up twice and the contact phone is the same but the company name is different) and clarify whether I owe them anything? If I do not and I'm payed up, should I ask them to update that on their credit report, or would I be better off leaving it alone and waiting for it to get older? Or should I dispute it since it shows "in collection" when I have payed and it should say payed off at least? I'm wondering if I dispute it if I may manage to get the whole thing removed. I am not sure what to do or how to go about it. My first instinct to pay off the bill, when I started reading about credit repair, was apparently the worst thing I could do without negotiating. So I figure I should ask for some help. Where should I go from here?
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