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  1. All my debt is 24k in student loans which is deferred for a year. I took care of my 7+ yr old debt with letters to the 3 cra. I also paid my hospital bills.
  2. I'm just trying to get up to at lease a 650 so I can use my VA home loan or get a FHA loan.
  3. I have 24,xxx in student loans which have 30, 90, 120 day late payments. A credit card with 300 dollar credit limit that I never go past 30% with and pay it off every month. Some medical bills that are around 1,300. Experian: 574; EQ: 583; TU: 583 Here is my questions: Will getting a 1,000 dollar secured credit card through USAA help my credit; and if so by how much? will paying off private student loans that have 120 day late payments help my credit, or will it only help if I get them to remove the debt from my account? Any other advice is welcome.
  4. I got my student loans deferred for a year and might be getting them forgiven if Sally Mae accepts a letter from my VA doctor stating I am disabled. My first round of disputing the negative information yielded some results which then let me qualify for a low limit unsecure credit card and a 23.9k car loan. I went a head and paid 9k towards the car and only use 15% of my credit a month and pay it off at the end of the month. Today I sent each CRA a letter asking for 3 times to be removed due to 7.5 years pass. In the letter I cited 605, 616, and 617. I also wrote my intent to pursue legal action under 616 or 617 if the CRA fails to follow FCRA regulations and to verify the two debts with documentation. I hope they remove the items and it helps my credit score. In 90 days I got my score up from a 497 to 574-583-583. Really want to buy a house.