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  1. <iframe src="" width="640" height="480"></iframe>
  2. can you address the specificity of the answer, though? should it be general, or point-to-point denial?
  3. from the florida rule book. i may as well send a response to the complaint anyway, though would prefer confirmation. I would probably go a general denial, or should i be specific? "© The Answer. In the answer a pleader shall state in short and plain terms the pleader's defenses to each claim asserted and shall admit or deny the averments on which the adverse party relies. If the defendant is without knowledge, the defendant shall so state and such statement shall operate as a denial. Denial shall fairly meet the substance of the averments denied. When a pleader intends in good faith to deny on
  4. one further inquiry, i have not yet responded to the complaint. When am I supposed to do that? Am I supposed to do that? Did I do that at the pre-trial hearing?
  5. The pre-trial hearing was rather simple and easy going. The lawyer hired by the plaintiff pulled each defendant she was there to sue one at a time to the side and got all of them to agree to settle except me. I told her that based on the evidence presented to me in the complaint I did not feel it was in my best interest to settle, and also denied all the entire complaint outright. When we went to the judge she explained for me (which I found rude, but she didn't say anything I felt was disparaging or detrimental so I kept that to myself) that I was denying the entire complaint. The judge order
  6. after consulting with some people I'm going to try to negotiate with the creditor (not the lawyer) but not sure about how to go about it, what number should I throw out? what information should I include in my plea?
  7. I am brand new to these forums. I appreciate that there are many resources available on this forum that will be of use to me, and i promise that during the course of this case I will continue reading these sources, however I would also appreciate suggestions rendered specifically for my case. There's a lot of work ahead of me, mostly at this point i'd just like some direction on what to worry about first. I've read a few articles and have some ideas, but i'm no lawyer :/ Pretrial conference set for June 5, 1. Who is the named plaintiff in the suit? Equable Ascent Financial, LLC f/k/a Hilco Rec