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  1. thank you for reply. Sorry I send them a cease letter for them to stop calling me and only contact me through mail. I believed that Forster and Garbus is trying to collect for American Express RE: American Express Centurion Bank Original Account Number Ending in: XXXX Our Reference Number: M8700XXXXXX What can I do next?? I'm unable to pay them for since i'm still unemployed after graduating. I don't want to get sued by Forster & Garbus. Please help
  2. Hi, Forster and Garbus LLP sent me a collection letter collecting a debt for American Express Centurion Bank about 3 months ago and I mailed them back with a cease/validation letter. Last week I got a package from Forster and Garbus answering my request, they've mailed me back with 3 copied Billing Statements. No original card agreement, no proof showing that they're collecting for American Express What should I do next??? please help, I lived In New York City
  3. October31 can you update us with your case? I have a very similar case like yours, and I need your help
  4. Hi, I really need help on my landlord handed me a few stapled paper which I realized it was a summon from Forster and Garbus. plaintiff is Citi Bank Court is Civil Court, County of Queens Amount: $ 1806 the date is 4/23/2012 but received and filled on 4/27/2012 and I just got it today. Can anyone tell me what I should do next? They only sent me one letter stating that they are debt collector and attend to collect the debt. Never got contacted from them besides that one letter. I read another thread the same person is being sued by Forster and Garbus and they suggested to ask for v