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  1. If at Court ordered arbitration hearing in Pennsylvania is won by either side, can the arbitrators decision be appealed to a higher court, and if so, can new evidence be offered to the higher court, "such as " new documents or affidavits.. Thanks.....
  2. Thanks bassplayr.... they attached a 2007 card agreement and alleged acct was charged off around 2009... so I can't follow that argument, but understand that point.
  3. what i'm trying to base off is 1019(i)..That supporting docs are necessary when submitting a complaint that calls into question the validity of a written agreement. Pa, law is clear that to satisfy the pleadings requirements in a consumer credit card collection case, the signed agreement between the credit card holder and credit card company must be attached to complaint
  4. yes they did... BV80 and thanks debtzapper also
  5. should be written credit agreement...... on # 3 sorry about that
  6. Would not like to do that for various reasons, one being strategic, since I am further along and hoping they made a fatal error. Here are a bit of them... 1, Plaintiff is the current owner ( u know the rest) 2. Upon info and belief name (Blah Blah Blah) 3. Upon info and belief the acct is based on a written agreement. 4. Defendant used or authorized the use, (blah blah) 5. Failed to pay ( Apples ) 6. Last payment was 7. Balance.... Thanks again
  7. In the Complaint should it say ''account stated'' or ''Breach of Contract'' for what type of account they are suing for, or does it have to be ( boy do I hate to use this word) assumed since they only sent copies of statements from the default to charge-off. Thanks
  8. Thanks Bruno and racecar for the help and one other (kept private). You all have been great help. Much thanks again.
  9. I'm ok with questions and answers, but need help with the format such as Definitions part and so on under the caption and prior to the the actual questions.. Hopefully someone can point me in the right direction or a link. Thanks
  10. Thanks Racecar... Learning as much as i can bit by bit. Thank you again!
  11. Hello all, Ive been studying civil procedure in Pa but need help. Can someone check to see if i'm right that Rules of Civil Procedure for Discovery is either rule 4006 or 4009 for production of Docs.... Thanks in advance.
  12. Answered Citi complaint - notice to plead - is it too later to file for JAMS - and were can i find citi agreement for around 2008 time frame...Tx
  13. It was a point to debate... Thanks for your honest imput and debate with me.
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