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  1. Ugh, Filed BK in Sept, well thats when we went to the lawyer (who we are very unimpressed with) after being jerked around they finally got around to filing it around nov 6th. went for 314 meeting today, it was short and sweet just standard questions. Then as we are leaving lawyer says "Oh by the way, your case has been selected for a random audit, In all the years I have been doing this it has never happened to one of my clients, but no big deal come by in a couple days to fill out some more paperwork" After some research it looks like it is a much bigger deal than he has let on. So now, we wi
  2. Thinking seriously about taking the plunge next month, My wife met with a lawyer the other day but something came up and I was unable to attend. they didn't go into much detail but she did mention we had a business he said we could do chap 7 but here is a basic outline, and a few questions Household Size 4 around 25-30k CC debt (defaulted) around 10,000 on a buy here pay here car worth half that (current) around 2000 medical bills (defaulted) 57000 mortgage on house, worth about 62-65k Will be using Federal Exemptions Monthly Income around 2700 (Gross) from full time job sometimes a fe
  3. To try to sum it up, My wife is being sued, we responded and filled out the first set of answers. We filed it with the court, have recieved a court date in april. The other day, we get a document from the CA, and its another list of "questions" they are all, of course... Gotcha questions. But there is no deadline in which they must be returned only when they were sent. I do not have them in front of be, but I don't think they have the courts seal on them as being filed either. do I have to fill these out?
  4. Just a quick update, and a thank you to all. We filled out the answers using a simple form found here. The first one was just asking about location and jursidiction, we denied all the rest. Filed it with the clerk, and sent a copy to the CA within a few days we got a letter back with a court date of april 3rd so, it worked out perfect. I still plan to file BK but atleast I don't have to worry about a bank levy right now. Thanks again for the help!
  5. FWIW, I figure to file in March, we should get our refund in feb (over double what you mention) We will be buying things we despertly need and spending most of it, and exempt what is left (ofcourse, anything we buy will have to be exempted, also... washer... dryer etc etc) but We can use the Federal exemptions, So should be ok. Atleast that is the plan, the one hitch in the whole thing is I do own a small homebased business... but It will have a overall loss for 2012 and will barley be break even by the time we file and without me would be worthless... has no assets at all. If the trustee gets
  6. If you have already done 3 years of a 5 year plan... whats 2 more years? I don't have alot of advice to offer, but If it were me I would probably keep at it 2 more years and get a fresh start.
  7. Yes, the hog lady is quite good looking.... but could not carry a tune in a bucket lol.
  8. No date yet that I seen, It just said I had 30 days to answer the summons or they would get a default judgement.
  9. Well if things stay the same, no we could not afford to pay it. But, in addition to working full time I also have a small business that I have been trying to get going the last couple years, and may acutally have success with doing so in 2013. In all honesty I would like to go ahead and file and get a fresh start, the only thing that would make me want to try to avoid it is my wife has some health issues. However, the middle of jan I will be able to get her back on insurance and we will be able to find out exactly where we stand with those. Its one of those things, it could be serious and we h
  10. In arkansas we can use fed exemptions, we should be well covered on everything but, I traded some land for a truck with my dad last year and want to get a year past that, plus have to get 90 days past last purchases on all cards. I will probably also have my refund sent as a check instead of dd, just to be on the safe side.
  11. I have thought about trying Arbs, but 1, this is CITI we are talking about, they suck... 2, the contract has a small claims clause in it, and in arkansas the small claims is 5000 or less, and this amount is less than that. 3. do not have the filing fee at this time.
  12. I knew it was coming, and just a few days before christmas we got an early present. Wife got served. She is being sued by a CA on behalf of CITI (not a JDB) My question is more about timing.... and how things might go. We live in rural, arkansas infact about 125 miles from where the CA is based. everything appears to be on the up and up, there is really no denying it and don't think we could win, but I don't want to just give them a default judgement. We will more than likely be filing for BK in March anyways, but there is the chance we may not. But if we do it will not be any sooner than th
  13. It is still owned by CITI, It is a debt collection lawfirm that is sending the stuff. and Citi is bad to sue around here.
  14. First, I will point out I screwed up and did not do a DV letter on the first dunning they sent me. The second letter I got (last monday) "If you fail to pay this account or work out a payment plan with us soon, we intend to file a lawsuite against you seeking a judgment in connection with this account" the debt is for aprox $3300, It is a Citi store card. The only thing is it says small claim cases are exempt, and in Arkansas I think small claims is under 5,000. But, I have not been sued yet that I know of. I also really don't have any claims against them, As all the calls have went to google
  15. Please pardon this question, As it may sound silly. Do you have to have a Violation or counterclaim agains an OC to elect arbs?