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  1. In 2006 I obtained an unsecured loan for $5,000 from CitiFinancial and made some bad choices which left me unable to pay on the debt. Later that year a legal judgement was issued in the amount of $5,300. I'm now in a position where I could settle the debt for around $3,000 so I recently called CitiFinancial and was told the account was closed and referred to a collections agency. I called the collections agency they referred me to CitiFinancial saying they no longer have it either. I called CitiFinancial back and was referred to the legal department where all I was able to do was leave a voicemail. After several days passing and never getting a response by phone, I sent a certified letter to both Citi and to the collections agency (ER Solutions). I received a response from CitiFinancial about a month later that simply contained all my old payment forms that were to be used to make payments on the account that was now closed out. ER solutions has contacted me once again offering to settle the debt for 50% of the original amount. I offered to pay it, but requested a written guarantee that the judgement would be lifted upon settlement. They declined to provide the guarantee. They simply said that Citi would be legally required to lift the judgement, otherwise it would be requesting double payment for the same debt. I then asked for this statement in writing and yet again they refused to provide it. Therefore I was left with no option, but to opt out of sending them the payment. Meanwhile I want to pay the debt, but Citi Financial will not put me directly into contact with someone to discuss a way to pay it off. I would think they'd be eager to speak to me about it, since they haven't gotten one cent from me in 6 years!!! What do I need to do? Please help!!!
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