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  1. Not having enough posts to truly participate can lead to depression
  2. Thanks Jim B! I answered and denied everything but my name. I don't plan on sending them anything but I have to do more research as to what to say exactly when they respond. These boards are super helpful and I have googled my head off, I just second guess myself sometimes.
  3. Also, I just looked online and noticed that some cases say "Disposed" what does that mean?
  4. Thanks! and BV-I saw on another post that you were the SC authority in all of this....Will you be my new best friend?? What county are you in? If I can ask? You can pm me if you rather but I don't have enough posts to respond, yet. Also thanks to the advice I got from another poster through PM, like I said I can't respond yet.
  5. All of your legal stories are amazing on here! It has really fueled my fire that JDB's are the lowest scum of the Earth. However, I have been sued by a JDB...I responded with an Answer to the best of my ability but I really feel like I am in over my head and would like to get some help. Can anyone recommend lawyers in the upstate SC area that have been successful in these cases?? Thanks in advance and good luck to all of you in your cases!!