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  1. Federal exemptions are not available in California. OP must look at either CCP 703 or CCP 704 (assuming he has been in that state for at least 2 years). Des.
  2. If child support is part of your divorce decree then it is "court ordered" since a divorce decree is a court order. Technically you are correct in that Schedule E would cover back support. However, since there is a court order for support your trustee has a duty to send special notices to the ex. I list the ex in Schedule E with a notation in the description box "None- for info only - support is current". I then put $0.00owed. Des.
  3. You are not correct as it relates to "current value". Current value of the property is $7,500.00 not $1,000.00. The equity of $1,000.00 is just that, equity. It is not the value. Des.