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  1. I honestly think that Ramona Aragon lied in the court in my case. She showed up to court and testify all the BS, I should have asked her to show her Drives License or some identification. I really think Hunts is lieing and bringing pepole out in the street pose them as Citibank employe and win cases like mine. We should all find out if Ramona Aragon is a really employe of the bank and maybe start a class action case or ask district att to file charges agsint these pepole to lieing in court. Any thoughts!!!!!
  2. I had a case with Citibank and sure enough Ramona Aragon showed up at the Trial and brought 1 year worth of statements. I was dead and lost the case, got a judgment of $14,000 and now Hunts is getting an Abstract to put a lean on my house I am stuck now and dont know what to do anynmore