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  1. Yes we were sued by Northstar Financial in 07. The original creditor was Wells Fargo, who charged off. Never went to court, was clueless about such things. Now this garnishment is from another party, LVNV Funnding LLC. But it is some "lawyers" who are doing this.
  2. I have been trying to clean up my husbands credit so we can re-fi. I misunderstood how to do a credit validation and sent to to the Big 3. All three took a couple things off his report. In the meantime I had sent a settlement offer to one of them, to which I got no response. I really did not think it would not be validated. Was very happy that it came off, giving us the go ahead. Well today my husband brings home a garnishment form they has sent to his employer with my name on it. From what I can tell the employer told them I was NOT their employee so they would not garnish. What should be my next step? could they put it back on my husbands report after it being removed?
  3. So I guess I did mess up but in a different way. I sent letters to the credit reporting agencies. And they have taken taken some of them off my report. So what does that mean?? I am really confused now.
  4. As I posted elsewhere I have had the two judgements removed from my reports!!! (two of the three, waiting on the third.) But am now a little worried as I did send an settlement offer on one of them in the meantime. Really hoping that does not bite me!
  5. I sent out two of my DV letters to the big 3. One debt I was pretty sure was going to be removed as every one I called seemed to be passing the buck. the other I talked to a lawyers (fancy bill collector) office. Then from what I learned here I sent them a letter offering 25% of the original debt. But now I have gotten my reports back and it have been removed from the credit report. Did I revalidate it by this letter?
  6. I don't know what terminology I got wrong but it is working~~ I got the second report back today, both GONE!. I just sent the third one in a couple days ago as I had to wait the get access the that report by mail. So happy. this was a small amount to many but to us it is large as we are one income and live paycheck to paycheck. Hopefully this will help my husbands score enough for us to do the Re-fi.
  7. Thanks to the info here I sent a debt validation request to the credit reporting agencies. I got my first reply yesterday. I am so happy! This one had only one listed that I wanted checked, and it was a shot in the dark. I had talked to a law office where the debt resided. But I thought what the heck I will dispute all I can. Well it has been removed. This really gives me hope, as the other debt I could not even find anyone who had any record of it.
  8. I have a judgement against my husband from a cap 1 CC. from 07. I was trying to get a settlement for this to get it taken care of. I have called and called to get no where. Cap 1 says they do not have any record, was sent here and there, no one has it. The last person I talked to said they had it but it was sent back to Cap 1. What do I do now? How can I pay it if no one has it anymore? But then how do I get it dealt with on his Credit Report? Is there a way to have it removed if no one is waiting to be paid? We need it off his report one wa or the other.
  9. We are attempting to re-fi as our 2nd is going to balloon. We have two old judgements on our credit report. I was told they needed taken care of first. I called one already. it is gaining interest so is 500 more than I thought! . But I only have a certian amount I can send (mom is lending us the money) this is now in the hands of a 3rd party, junk debt collector. So wish I would have known I could have contested it! Any advice on how to deal with them? I was ready to offer 50% of the amount. but now that amount is larger:-(. I saw all kinds of bad stuff about these people on-line. I am now worried I may have stirred the pot.....
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