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  1. I submitted my answers August 2008. I didn't do a proof of service but I did overnight the documents.
  2. Ref: Previous thread started by Royk5 "Declaration of Plaintiff" Thank you all for your comments. I need assistance with handling a Declaration In Lieu. Is it form CCP96?
  3. Could anyone assist me with handling a Declaration In Lieu? Is it form CCP96?
  4. They're asking for a trial date. Forgive me, I'm confused ... I submitted answers to their interrogatories, request for admissions which I believe is part of discovery. What comes after that? I can't move for dismissal instead and what happens when I file a Counter At-Issue Memorandum?
  5. Is there a specific form I need to download from the court and where can I find examples on filling out the form properly? I'm assuming the clerk will collect another fee for filing it. When they file with the courts, shouldn't it show online and the copies I received have a stamp from the clerk?
  6. The Declaration of Plaintiff isn't showing online. The At-Issue Memorandum For Trial Setting was dated yesterday.
  7. I don't think so. After I submitted the interrogatories and requests for admissions I didn't hear or receive anything until this year. I'm assuming that I would've received documents if they answered.
  8. How do I move for dismissal based on (2)(A)? I checked online and nothing has been submitted since 2008. I received in the mail today an At-Issue Memorandum For Trial Setting. Please advise.
  9. I'm new to this forum and need help. I just received a Declaration of Plaintiff in Lieu of Personal Testimony at Trial (C.C.P. 98). It's from a collector Hunt & Henriques for Citibank (South Dakota) N.A. I don't see a trial date listed, just copies of statements, Order That Copies Be Accepted In Lieu Of Originals & Proof of Service. I submitted a General Denial, interrogatories, requests for admissions back in 2008 and haven't heard anything until now. Any advice would be greatly appreciated.