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  1. http://www.baxterlaw.com/experian-disputes Lets get them what they deserve
  2. Complete Credit Solutions just cut a check for 4100 sucks to be them. I kinda like sueing these morns who break the FDCPA
  3. Sorry to neco this but I have 5 credit cards in good standing. Only negative thing on my credit report is a late payment on my student loan from 2008 and 2011. I am in the process of suing Complete Credit Solutions for violation of C & D. Evergreen Professional Recoveries Inc ended up paying me 1k in court + attorney fees, Forced to drop their lawsuit and agree they would never add that crap on my credit report. Everything has been deleted but student loans
  4. Sorry I been MIA Yea pm me I will send you the info
  5. They said I could not since its not in default
  6. HSBC Charge off -removed Only bad things on my credit now are 90 days late on 3 student loans in 2009 and 60 days late on one student loan in 2011.
  7. Hello everyone Question I have 3 student loans that went 90 days past due in feb/march2009 and another two that went 60 days past due in 2011. I have no other negative marks on my credit. How bad would these hurt my score?
  8. sent em a 623 dispute letter they are removing the account
  9. well this gets funnier notice the Charge off date of 10/2008? But they are reporting April 2009 charge off date and Verifying incorrect information that they know is incorrect when disputed that would be a fCRA violation? Right?
  10. you could also try Executive Customer Service 1680 Capital One Drive Mclean, VA 22102-3407 Specifically ask for the Executive Customer Service Team when calling this number 703-720-2500 Not sure how many of these are still working as they were from two years ago, aside from Richard Fairbank who is still the CEO, but here they are; CEO: Richard.fairbank@capitalone.com Peter.schnall@capitalone.com Robert.alexander@capitalone.com Lewis.hay@capitalone.com Ann.hackett@capitalone.com Patrick.gross@capitalone.com Edward.campbell@capitalone.com Pierre.leroy@capitalone.com Bradford.warner@capitalone.com W.dietz@capitalone.com Mayo.shattuck@capitalone.com Shelley.solheim@capitalone.com Gary.perlin@capitalone.com
  11. sounds like what they told me funny part is Cap one got the account in may 2012 the account was sold in 2008 to a JDB and they keep screaming contact portfolio recovery. I am lantching a small claims suit against cap 1 and hsbc