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  1. My FICO scores are TU: 712; Equifax: 695 and then there is Experian at a dismal 598. Anyone else have problems with Experian or have such a disparity in their scores? Why is Experian so hard for me to deal with? As an example, I substantially lowered my credit utilization and saw a big jump with the other 2 CRAs. With Experian, 5 points. This is ridiculous! How can I raise my Experian score?
  2. Send ER a certified demand letter and file a small claims. This is provided you have exhausted all do avenues with the CRAs and ER.
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    My FICO scores are TU: 712; Equifax: 695 and then there is Experian at a dismal 598. Anyone else have problems with Experian or have such a disparity in their scores? Why is Experian so hard for me to deal with? This is ridiculous!
  4. Has anyone heard of this company or dealt with them? I filed a small claims case against Verizon. This company is "handling the case." Wants me to call them to discuss my service with Verizon to perhaps resolve this. The reviews on complaint boards regarding Sedgwick are pretty poor.
  5. I received a call on my cell phone and the caller ID said AT&T NOW. I picked it up thinking it was from AT&T. It was from a bill collector. Has this happened to anyone else recently? This cannot be legal.
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    I did come across this...any relevance to my situation? http://www.consumerfinance.gov/newsroom/cfpb-sues-cashcall-for-illegal-online-loan-servicing/
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    SOL is in 2017. I want to buy a house in 2015.
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    I was desperate enough to apply for a loan with CashCall in 2012 for $2500.00. I had some medical hardship issues in 2013 and was on disability for a fractured hip/foot reconstruction surgery. I stopped paying them. I am trying to clean up my credit and sent them a goodwill letter thinking that I did not have much left to pay (<1500) according to my credit reports. Silly me! Per the letter I received today, they have continued to charge me an APR of 139.12% and $15.00 monthly for "late fees." DRUMROLl: payoff is $14083.37. The letter they sent says this account was turned over to Delbert Services. Now what?
  9. I have 2 charged off accounts, Merrick and Applied Bank, with dates of last activity of 01/2008 in CA. They are ready to fall off my reports, right? I requested verification from both these banks. Both of them came back at me with no verification and stated that I could settle $700 for a delete by December 15 or they would turn these accounts over to a collection agency. They both stated these could remain on my credit reports for 7 1/2 to 11 years. Is this correct? Does this mean a re-aging of these accounts because I requested documentation? I want these accounts off my reports. Any crazy letters I can use?
  10. I would like to hire someone to clean up my credit, track the letters....any good recommendations. I just don't have enough time to be diligent right now.
  11. OK...I see a discussion thread going on for awhile here about the euro...I was in France last dummer and the USD did not not bu ymuch...why worry about the EURO when the USD sucks....I have been waiting for the euro to drop before july 17th so I can purchase space on a bike/boat trip in europe for August. I might as well do it now because the euro looks like it is going back up...when is the usd going to become worthless?
  12. Perhaps, but this is a very sleazy collection agency. They have called my 80 year old mother regarding a" job offer and needed to get a hold of me," they have left nasty messages on my sons voicemail, and have contacted my employer, co-workers, and neighbors....When I requested that they quit calling me during work hours, the woman going for the commission on this account screamed at me and said they only work during the day and could no t call me in the evening .. A little due diligence on this outfit finds that they have been sued a great number of times for violations of the FCRA and there are hundreds of complaints against them..hmmm...what to do : )
  13. This company makes some great claims for defaulted loans. Are they legitimate?
  14. After attempting to rehab my defaulted consolidated loan I have started getting some threatening phone messages from some outfit called Windham C/A. Thinking it might be a lot cheaper and easier to defer and enroll...what next? Do we not have a choice in who rehabs the loan? Oh and as far as I know AES still holds the loan..