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    Renew my debt

    So, no need to do a debt validation?
  2. Is this a new tactic for the uninformed? Oh yes Mr debt collector, I would love to re-age this debt you say I have不不不不不不不不不不不不不不不
  3. jpavv

    Wrong name

    Received a collection letter from collection agency. It is for medical. It is addressed to my ex's husband first name, my first name, my last name. It says Your account with has been forwarded to us for collection. so, not sure if they purchased the debt. Should I send it back saying no such person lives here? Thanks
  4. Just received in the mail from my bank my acct. is being levied. Up front, it is a joint acct. the ex and I opened years ago. We've been divorced 4 years. I only left the acct. open so my daughter could use the debit card for it. In the envelope are all the court papers. I called my bank, explained to them. They said I had to call the court officer and ask for a release. I did, and they said I have to call the debt attorney and ask them to send them a release. I did, and they gave me limited info, because the debt is not mine, but told me I have to call the bank and have them send over statements going back 90 days from the levy. 360 degrees. Problem is, there has been no money withdrawn yet. Where do I go from here? PS, can my ex sue the bank for sending me all this personal and confidential info.
  5. True, but tempted to send them a letter requesting them to provide a cc agreement from the time this account was opened.
  6. Since the OC is Cap 1, the agreement says Virginia Law applies. I'm in NJ. Does the does SOL follow Virginia or NJ law? Virginia is 3, NJ is 6.
  7. In their response letter, it is addressed to me personally. They also say "As to JAMS arb, please send me a copy of your card member agreement showing your right to the same for me to review". Now they're asking for me to find a agreement on an account that they say I may have opened several years ago. Hell, the VA has me on so many meds, I can't remember what I did yesterday.
  8. Thanks. I searched those statistics. Neither had the JDB that is pursuing me.
  9. is nice
  10. As far as Electing JAMS, what would be different consumer vs. business? The CC Agreement would be the same, wouldn't it? Wouldn't they have to file and pay the fees since they claim it is a debt I owe? By the way, the debt is 3K<.
  11. Perhaps others that have dealt with the issue of business debt and arbitration have different thoughts to share on the subject.Can't seem to find any business and arb. on here.
  12. Should I respond with a copy of an agreement and see how they respond, or sit back and see if they file suit?
  13. Since I DV'd them with "As per the FDCPA, I have the right to request validation of the alleged debt" and they responded with debt validation, did they wave their right to treat this as a business account since FDCPA rules do not apply to business accounts?
  14. They reference INC, however I am not Incorporated.
  15. True, however the only found is a poor copy.
  16. 1. Who is the named Debtor? Me (they list debtor as a business INC, then my name) 2. What is the name of the law firm handling? Rather not post here, trolls 3. Who is the original creditor? CrapOne, ( After a few sales, now Absolute and/or New Century. They list them both) 4. What state and county do you live in? NJ 5. When is the last time you paid on this account? Their records show charged off Aug 2011, opened Dec 2005. Received a CL a few months ago from a JDB law firm. Since I had success in the past using Linda7's technique, I sent a DV letter back. In it, I put "I elect contractual arbitration via JAMS to resolve any disputes between us." This usually gets them to back off and sell it off. This JDB law from replied form letter, ( I've seen others post here the same ) with my data input. Enclosed where a copy copies of statements. The kicker is they ask me to send them a Copy of my Card Member Agreement showing my right to JAMS. Normally, if they DV'd, I would respond with my election for JAMS stands. However, they ask for a copy of the CC agreement. How would you respond?
  17. Anyone know where Linda7 is? Hasn't posted since March 6, 2014.
  18. Lawyer says they are treating this as a business debt. FDCPA does not apply. OK, so do I reply with a copy of the agreement, or reply without it and state "This matter remains in dispute and my election of arbitration via JAMS stands." ?
  19. I'll send a copy to attorney. He already has a copy of the first. I like how they ask me to send them a copy of the agreement. Shouldn't they have it?
  20. Update: I sent them a Validation letter. I put in I elect Jams to resolve any disputes. Came back with a couple copies of account statements. Made mention of when this account was opened and charged off. Asked me to send them a copy of the Card Member Agreement showing my right to Jams. I almost missed this. In the first letter, it says ABC, LLC is now the owner of Crap One Account. In the response letter, it says NCFC is the current owner.