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  1. Ok guys I am feeling quite discouraged. 4th pretrial was today and rent a lawyer told judge that discovery was complete. I explained that it wasn't and when he asked what I was waiting on I told him I wanted a list of any person with personal knowledge of the account in question who would testify at trial and no joke the judge looked at me like I was absolutely insane. He told me that the plaintiff does not have to answer anything they didn't feel was relevant. So untold him that the plaintiff didn't object they just didn't answer at all and it's been two months. I also stated that I'm trying
  2. Just read this and am SOOOOO happy for you!! YAY!! Awesome work.
  3. Thank you. I'm so sorry but I don't know what NAF or JAMS is! Could you clarify? This is my first lawsuit lol.
  4. Thank you, that's what I thought but when I look up the evidence rules I'm not finding anything regarding hearsay and admissibility of evidence. Am I missing something?
  5. Can someone please tell me if these rules apply to civil matters in ny district courts? My case is in a county district court. Sorry if it's a stupid question!
  6. it looks nothing like's just the piece of paper that is sent with your credit card statements each talks about disputing and how interest is determined amongst other things but doesn't specify any specific rate.
  7. Thank you..good luck to you as well! From what I've been told its a motion that needs to be filed with the court. I'm having trouble writing it..I have no idea what it should include. Are these bill of sales even legit? The page they have attached could've been created by anyone!
  8. LauriL..I am being sued by Cavarly and gave received the same bill of sale! They actually did type out the amount owed on the piece if paper attached though but anyone could've made that document in excel! Mine were not notarized or authenticated either.
  9. Opened 9/2008. They sent me some generic about this account info with the says revised 4/2008 on the top right hand corner. Wouldn't it not even apply to be since I didn't have an account then?
  10. Yes I think they did make it by about ten days..those f*ckers..I would still like to know really when my last payment really was though and I'm confused as to why the OC account number is different ony credit report from the OC billing statement that JDB sent me. Trying to find any holes in their case that I can. So at my next conference, what do you suggest? Do u just keep denying everything and state I haven't been shown any documentation proving this is my debt or do I have to say its my debt since they provided a couple of (not authenticated) statements?
  11. Hi Bruno! I've been thinking about that course of action as well. I really dont want them to come up with the contract but what I do want is all of my statements so I can figure out if i can argue SOL. Should I demand a bill of particulars?