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  1. Hey, thanks for your reply! I actually asked the wrong question... What I really want to do is just pay it in full after I've already settled it (I don't need a removal from the report, just a "paid in full" instead of "settled"). I settled it in the past with a collector.... will the account still be with that collector after months or even years of being settled? Or do I go back through the OC now that the collector has accepted the settlement? Or does the collector still own the debt. Thanks =)
  2. Hi, will companies ever agree to remove a settlement from a credit report if you pay off the remainder in full? Is this ever even a possibility? Thanks.
  3. Hey Willingtocope. The check was made out to the CA and I had the agreement in writing. If I paid it to the CA, do you think it should still take 60-90 days? Thanks!
  4. Hey, this is kind of a followup to my last thread. I need to know in order to know how to proceed. I settled an AMEX account with a collector on 6/27. My credit report was updated again with negative information on 6/26. Should AMEX update the credit report as settled soon? Should they have done it by now? Or do I need to wait until 7/26 if that is when they do their monthly reporting (I honestly don't know). If creditors usually update right after the settlement, I suppose I might need to get in touch with the collector again. Last time they told me to wait. Thanks for any help!
  5. Well, thanks for the replies guys. It appears I may have been a bit hasty. First Source used to be called Account Solutions Group, but the AMEX reps didn't appear to know this (understandable), and I didn't see it with a quick Google, although I may have been able to find it had I been looking for that. I had send them an email the night of July 3rd, and they promptly called me back today telling me that the AMEX account should update and report as settled in a few days or a week maximum and he gave me a number of the top guy to call if it doesn't happen. So I think they have the right intentions. It sounds sort of related to what ioalot said. I must say though, I had only good experiences while dealing with the managers of the company once I got to that level when I offered my settlement. Thanks guys!
  6. I suppose maybe my next step is to notify the new collection agency that I've settled the debt and not to contact me and send the documentation to American Express so they can hopefully update my credit report? Is there any way I can keep the account from forever being sold around?
  7. 1stStep, I suppose the next step is to talk to a lawyer to explore that route, huh? Coltfan1972, any tips on what to look for if I do another debt settlement agreement? I have some other collectors I need to deal with. Should I have a lawyer go over it? What should I require in it? (if you have time) Thanks to you both!