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  1. mediation is never recorded, or shoudlnt be. ITs "behind closed doors"
  2. You could ask them for a more responsive answer within x amount of days or you will file the apropriate motion with the court. (i dont know ny rules). The thing is if they do get you what you want. will that hurt or help you? If they can even get it.... I beleive you should respond to everythign they send. bomb them with mail, file motions or objections. If they say they can provide a list of witnesses, make them. Plaintiff objects to Defendants first response to Demand for discovery and Inspection to the extent that it requests information gathered in anticipation of litigation in viola
  3. I got the impression it was a "good cop" mediator, "bad cop" him. His walking out of the room was to make me "think" about it that was plainley clear. It was his way of intimidating and negotiating, His attitude was all about intimidation and done rudely so. The way he tried to talk down to me, told me not to interupt him , even though he would interupt me -- to look at him in the eyes as I read paperwork to myself. Thier is no way he has a happy home life, no woman, or man would put up with that for more then the 2-3 hours I did (yes we mediated that long). See I am a very calm person, I
  4. Think I answered my own question. I can do one of 2 things if they don't follow through 1 sue for violations or submit a motion to enforce a settlement.
  5. It said sofd will be filed with prejudice once the check clears
  6. Hi we settled my case in mediation for almost nothing , the court paperwork did not say with or without prejudice. On the back of his business card I made him write the stipulation of my check clearing first then he would submit it with prejudice he initialed it and so did the mediator. Should I worry, said I should reciece paperwork in a few days.
  7. Thanks all, the part I didnt want tto do is sit aroundall day waiting for a witness to show up, that wouldnt that I would then have dismisssed since it was not bought up in discovery. Liek I said, by me going to work after words instead of waiting, I made more money then I paid out (or will by the end of the day. If I sat and waited, I would have lost that much more jsut from not making money today. I did explain to the lawyer that this 200 is just so I can go home, he was such an arogant prick.. telling me to look at him, so I winked and went back to reading. kept interupting me, he walked
  8. WEll its over, we settled fro 200 dollars with prejudice .. I know that some of you woudl have rather gone into the court room, but they did not send some fresh out of college rookie like i expected, they sent the lawyer I have been dealingw ti hthe entire time. My nerves were a wreck, my stomach in nots.. But to pay 200 bucks and have it dismissed with prejudice... I think I got off lucky, I was doing some searches on the judge I would be infront of and he is not nice to pro-se peaple in this court in these cases. I made him sign a paper infront of the mediater and made them sign it to sa
  9. I am putting together my paperwork for monday. and my mind is blank about what to say to a judge when you want them to make a decision on the spot, after the plainitff pleads thier case... Please help .. I saved over my "what to say" document and am starting it over.
  10. Thank you again Bruno, I read that to but for some reason I was under the impression I had to tel lthe court i wanted one. You read it the same way I did so I think ill be fine, Im jsut getting nerves this week!
  11. Thanks for listening all here is toa better week! basement is fixed, what a gross way to start a weekend. Chopped down the culprit bush and rented an auger from Home depot. I had this problem last year at this time and never got around to taking out bush. Just have to dig my power washer out of storage and bleach the basement this week.
  12. Hello all, My case if it goes to court is next Monday. I am in NJ special civil court under 3k. I see it is suggested several times to get a court reporter incase you want to appeal the decision later, and to keep the judge a bit more honest. Does anyone know how to go about doing this? Do I talk to the court, or hire an outside agency?