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  1. Okay, I see what you're saying. Thanks so much.
  2. That's just lovely. :-\ Thanks so much for all the help and info!
  3. Yes, actually, there are several still reporting.
  4. I know about the statute of limitations. What I hate is that it's 10 years in Missouri. But some of these keep "renewing", like, it's an old debt, but then it's like they're re-reporting it. Does that make any sense? It's like it doesn't have time to hit 10 years before it "renews". I'm guessing that it has to be what was owed to the OC that needs to be 10 years old. Is that right? I get so confused with this stuff sometimes.
  5. You all are making laugh so hard! I've been dealing with stupid stuff for a while now, so I knew this was shady. I just wanted to get the full lowdown so I know what to do next. Two members of my family have already been harassed, and I bet it's the same people. Well, I do feel better. I mean, if it turned out to be a legit court issue, I was ready to go in with fists flying, but that's why I posted here - I had a feeling it was all fluff. Thanks so much!!!
  6. Hi everyone, I'm trying to get down to the nitty gritty and get my credit polished. I've been able to get from 435 to 565 over the past several months. I have quite a few JDBs reporting on me, and I'd like to get these removed. From what I'm reading on here, it seems the best way to dispute these is via snail mail. Is this correct? Also, do I dispute with the CRA first? Is there a link to a form letter I can use as a guide, or will a simple "I dispute this thing" letter work? I've been reading through the stickies. It's just a lot of info to absorb, so if anyone has a minute and can shoo
  7. Hi everyone, It's been a while since I posted, but you've all been extremely helpful in the past (I was successful in court against Midland thanks to all the wonderful people here), and I need some help/advice again. Today I got a phone call (voicemail) from a lady saying she was from "Pre-Litigation Accredited Services". She said there's a pending investigation for two counts of fraud. I couldn't understand her on the "Accredited" part when she left her message, so I called to see who these people are. The phone number went directly to her extension. The first two times, it went straight
  8. Thank you both for your responses. I'll get going on this. I may have more questions later.
  9. Hey all, I wasn't sure where to post this, so I took a shot and picked here. I signed up for a gym membership last year to help my sister in a contest she'd entered. I went on and off for a month or so, but I'm not really a gym person (I work out at home), so I asked that my membership be cancelled. I didn't hear anything about it after that, so it basically got pushed to a far corner of my memory. Yesterday, I got a letter in the mail saying that their records show my "membership payment" is overdue. They counted the months of August 2012-October 2013. On top of that, they're charging
  10. Hey all, Just wondered if anyone has heard of this, so please chime in if you have any idea what this is about. Today I received a letter from an OC with a credit card enclosed. This is the letter (verbatim): "You may have the opportunity to settle your charged-off account and have the option to transfer that balance to a new [credit card] account. The outstanding balance from your old account will be reduced to the agreed upon settlement amount. If you are approved for the optional credit card, this amount will be transferred to your new [credit card] account. This amount will also bec
  11. Okay, now I know which section to look in, thanks. Some of them are showing as reported last year, but I know all of these debts are at least a few years old, some of them several years old. And they're all small, which is more frustrating! The information they have is more or less correct. I have one of those addresses that people are constantly messing up. It's a county road, and I wish I had a dollar for every time someone put the road number as an apartment number. They've done that on my credit report, and they've got a country lane instead of a county road. Baffles me why that's so co
  12. Hey everyone, Well, I'm finally at a point where I can focus on getting my credit score where it needs to be. I've downloaded copies of my credit report from the Big 3, but I'm going to need some help going through them. I'm not quite sure how to look at these reports. I have Equifax open right now, and I'm looking at the "Closed Accounts" section. Some of these are showing as Charged-Off or Transfer/Sold. Do I need to do anything with those? When I scroll down, there is a section for "Other Accounts", with "Closed Accounts" under it. These show what I'm assuming to be JDBs: Jefferson Cap
  13. Are "Closed" accounts what I should be looking at? I'm looking at my Equifax report at the moment, and those are the ones showing negativity.
  14. Awesome! Do you have a thread going or anything? I'm both excited and nervous. I tried years ago to dispute something on my credit report, but they just said it was "verified". I had no clue what I was doing and let it go without further action. But now, after reading the wealth of information here, I feel much more prepared and can't wait to get myself back on track!