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  1. I am looking for a link that had a list of how to clean up credit reports. It started with buying 4 notebooks... I really have looked all day. HELP!
  2. I am looking for a thread that told you step by step how to repair your credit. It started with a list of things to buy from the store. I know it said to get 4 notebooks. I cannot find it now. Anyone else know where it might be?
  3. I do not want the statement above to seem like I think I did everything right but I was under the ridiculous thought that they would have to actually prove their case. The issues I raised had to be enough to at least warrant a trial. I think I should have asked for oral arguments in my opposition. (If I understand what Coltfan told me) I know they did not have what they needed to win. I guess I learned a strong lesson. The Plaintiff was dying to settle with me right before the judge ruled. I should have.
  4. If he didnt use that affidavit to make his decision then he completely missed the boat. He pretty much screwed me over. I felt that I should have attacked their affidavit more but the statements had nothing on them but my name, address, an account number, and a total. The Bill of Sale I thought was brought into question and discounted enough to at least warrant a trial. I felt I had put enough doubt with the affidavit too but from people on here, I should have hit more at that. To be honest, I don't think the judge read 1 thing I filed. I dont think he read what they filed either. I think he r
  5. At this point, all of these questions for me are for next time. I have accepted this one. But to your point about the MSJ..I didnt know that now I have to prove my case. But the judge wouldn't make them produce the information I needed to be able to prove. I asked for the statement of the last payment. They responded it was too cumbersome to provide. I asked the judge to compel them to provide, he denied it. How could I have proven this information?
  6. Just an FYI for me.. how else should I have worded that? I mean I don't know if the SOL was up or not.
  7. I did go point by point on hers and added the SOL. I really feel like I should have attacked the affidavit more but I guess to your point on the SOL was I thought the fact it was in question and they couldn't identify and wouldn't identify it me raising the question would mean they had to prove it. I did put that it might not be but I thought they had to prove their case not me. I do for sure see your point on the Bill of Sale. I never really spoke to that at all. Thanks for the pat on the back! I am pretty defeated right now.
  8. After I filed this motion, the plaintiff filed an answer to this. That is when she threw out the 2008 date. That was the first time it was ever mentioned. He ruled on it before I could respond.
  9. Any feedback you can give would be great for future reference if needed.
  10. INTRODUCTION Defendant moves for denial of Plaintiff’s motion for summary judgment for the following reasons: Plaintiff should not be granted leave as the Parties are in the midst of pretrial conferences in an attempt to resolve the matter or frame the issues to be tried at a trial; There are issues of material fact in this case that do not support the granting of summary judgment; The statute of limitations may have barred Plaintiff’s cause of action; Plaintiff has failed to delineate its basis upon which for summary judgment is being sought. BACKGROUND Plaintiff filed a complai
  11. Ill post my opposition motion when I get to work. Some of the things above were in an answer she filed after my opposition motion. He ruled before I could respond. At this point it seems in ohio there is really only the option of apdk pappealing. No motion to reconsider and no vacating judgements. At least not that I can find in the civil procedures. I am accepting I lost. I am not saying I did everything right. I should have filed my own affidavit it sounds like. But I do know they absolutely did not prove their case without even a trial. I did get contacted by an attorney who wants to meet w
  12. Thank you! This makes sense. I am now trying to see if I am allowed under the Civil Code able to file a motion to reconsider or vacate judgement because I cannot find it in the laws in Ohio.