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  1. I sent them an email with the case number from the judgment. Its all confusing to me because when you look it up on my credit report it says Paid, 0 balance. To me it sounds like it was sold but they tell me they referred it and not sold it. So I am kind of in limbo trying to look info up. And when I look up the people representing them they dont appear to be JDBers. The website for them is mmcbonline
  2. Ok so a little update, I contacted the OC and they are telling me my account was referred to mid michigan collection bureau and that I would have to refer all offers to them. Is there any truth to that?
  3. Ok, I should also mention when they sent back a copy of the original judgment they sent a letter saying I had 10 days to send them the total balance. If I am trying to work out a deal with the OC and it goes over the 10 day deadline from the CA is their anything I should worry about? In my DV letter I stated I would need thirty days to investigate but they disregarded that.
  4. I have a judgment against me from 2007 and I just had a collection agency contact me to collect the money. I sent them a DV and they returned a copy of the original Judgment. It appears I need to try and settle this but I am not sure who I should try to settle with. The OC or the CA?
  5. Ok thanks for your help! I would definitely like to settle it.
  6. Also I was looking over my credit report and it appears that my judgment was sold. I assume the same laws apply to the CA that bought it?
  7. Should I then at this point try to settle the debt for a lower amount or is that even a viable option when a Judgment has been made?
  8. First time poster on these forums and while I have found some great information - I am now at a cross roads after sending a debt validation letter in which I am not sure how to continue. As for my situation - I had a judgement entered against me in January of 2007 over 6750 in Credit card debt which had interest etc tacked on. I just had a collection agency contact me a couple weeks ago asking if I was going to pay or not. I sent them a Debt Validation letter and I received their response today. They sent me back a copy of the original judgement but nowhere on the judgement are they listed so can they legally collect the debt? The original Credit Card company was bought out and changed names 3 times. They switched from State Employees credit union to NuUnion Credit union to Lake Trust Credit Union which is listed on the letter I received from the CA. The judgement was filed when they were known as NuUnion. Sorry for the rambling I just was not sure which information would be relevant to post or not. Along with the Original judgement they sent me a letter telling me to please pay the full amount in 10 days. I am not really sure which step I should take next in this matter. I should also mention that this judgement was removed from Experian but is still listed on Equifax and Trans. Thank you in advance Scott