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  1. if they are owned by CA's, if i try to settle each one for 20-30%, is that good enough to satisfy a mortgage?
  2. i wasn't quite sure where to post this, but my wife and i are looking to buy a house, and a mortgage guy told us that all debts in collections over $1000 have to be paid off before settlement, so we havent even begun the process of mortgage shopping.. both credit cards i had were charged off almost 4 years ago. if i wait until the 4 year mark (august) when the SOL is up, can i get them removed from my credit report? or do i need to track down who owns the accounts and start making payments? and if i do that, what will happen to my credit? if anybody can point me in the right direction, it would be greatly appreciated. also, if this needs to be in a different forum, admins please move. thank you
  3. i sent a 2nd debt validation letter to them around september 7th, and havent heard anything from them ever since
  4. lol, no names. in the letter i sent them i asked to only be contacted via mail, and then even after they rec'd the letter, they still called me attemnpting to collect a debt. and then left a voicemail for me at my mother's house (where i dont live, and they know that) "regarding the outstanding debt" which further added to the embarassment, after being questioned by my mother about it.
  5. thanks guys, i sent them a letter stating that i am still in dispute of the alleged debt, and reminded them that phone calls to myself and my family are an inconvenience. i'm anxious to see how much stuff they will send me before they decide to sue me. i have their voicemails saved, so when they do sue me, that'd be the perfect time to act on that?
  6. sounds like you were sued in a magistrate then? asset acceptance did the same to me a few months back, and all i did was called the court house, and say that i will be entering a defense (showing up for the court date) and they had me send a fax over confirming this. the next day, i got a "notice of intent to defend" in the mail. i took no further action, and then i called 2 days before my scheduled date, and was told that asset withdrew. dont stress yourself out too much. i know the initial shock of "im being sued" is a pretty hard hit, but if you research enough on this forum, you'll soon realize its not as huge of a deal as it sounds like. i learned a lot on here, and still continue to do so.
  7. im hoping coltfan1972 reads this, without me having to bother him. if the phone calls and letter are violations, how and when would i act on them?
  8. I was just told that they also left a message at my mom's house today as well. Can they legally call family members if they already know how to get ahold of me? Especially since I told them that all calls are inconvenient, and to only contact me via us mail?
  9. interestingly, i recieved a voice mail from the law firm representing midland today, attempting to resolve this debt. in my dv letter, i wrote ""please be advised that calls of a personal nature are not permitted at my place of employment. additionally, all other calls are inconvenient. please communicate via us mail, to the address provided in this letter." violation? since hayt, hayt, and landau is a debt collector law firm?
  10. should i mail them again and say that i am still in dispute, or let them make the next move?
  11. i hope its that easy. they "validated" this debt just as easily as i can validate that they owe ME money. after all, all i would need to do it make my own letterhead and type up "please send me $500 and then contact me about setting up a payment plan..." i guess "debt validation" is very missleading then lol. who is it, and why? im not sure i need to lawyer up, nor do i have the money for it lol
  12. i got a 3 page response from my DV letter, the documents they sent me have a full account number, but i still dont feel as if this validates my debt. any input? attached is the 3 pages.
  13. my wife had a collection agency call her with their caller ID showing as "911" already. they claimed to be a police officer from california contacting her about a debt she owes to a business in ohio, and we live in pennsylvania. pretty tangled web they weaved there lol