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  1. One more question: should I withdraw the 5800 I have in 401K to try and settle some of the smaller debts? I know that is usually a no-no but I am still in my 30's and have time to rebuild.
  2. I am a new poster even though I have been reading the boards here for a couple of months. My story in a nutshell: have over 52K in debt, have always paid everything ontime and had over 700 credit score until losing my job last year, back to work now but had to take a huge pay cut, havent paid any cards since April. I have already started receiving settlement offers however I have explained to everyone that I dont have any money at this time and am working on trying to get a second job to save money to settle. At this point I am just ignoring the 7-10 calls I get per day from the various agencies. NCO is the worst! My question is: since I have nothing new to offer at the moment I am planning on continuing to ignore the calls, will they eventually stop calling and start coorsponding with me through mail? I have debt with Barclays, Nordstrom, Amex, Citi, Chase, Discover, and Capitol One (Best Buy). Any advise is greatly appreciated. Cant wait till this nightmare is over and the sad part is that I have just begun!