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  1. I have a judgement that was filed against me in the state of AZ in May of 2007. Ultimately I want to take care of this the fastest most efficient way I can. I will try to provide as much details as I can remember. The debt was from a CC MBNA (I think) from when I was in college in Louisiana, probably around 2000. I moved to SC in 2001-2002 NCO portfolio purchased the debt from MBNA in June, 2003. I moved to AZ in November of 2003 The Judgement was filed in AZ in May 2007. I moved to NC in July 2008 I moved to KS in 2011 where I now live. I recently found out about the judgement over the past few months. I have contacted NCO and they have since gotten rid of the debt to another debt collector. From my research the Judgement has not been renewed. In the sate of AZ the statue of limitations is 5 years. What are my options as far as removing this from my credit? If that is at all possible Should I file to vacate the judgement? Since NCO no longer carries this debt I don't imagine would even care. If I file to vacate the judgement and win then what the heck do I do? I read on hear in a different thread about purging the judgement? which is better try to vacate or purge. Since it has been so long should I just wait it out another few years? the judgement will only stay on my credit for 7 years correct? I know I have allot of questions and I am just beginning my research I am not sure which way I should go or how to proceed. Thank you for any and all advice