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  1. Even if I request a letter that states that the payment they would get would be considered as payment in full? Can't file BK. Apparently I am making enough money to pay my debts, which of course is not true, becuse if I did, I wouldn't be in debt... So even if Asset Acc paid several hundred $$ for my debt, they will not accept my 21% settlement? That's what you are telling me? Thank you, TomnTex!
  2. I wasn't trying to get advice to settle or not, I was trying to get an idea if $2500 would be enough to settle with them. Thanks for your feedback, BrunoTheJDKiller
  3. Thanks a lot! I appreciate your sense of humor, Coltfan1972 By the time I get home in the evening, your pizza buffet is long closed . I will try to locate Ladyhunter's link how to beat Asset Acc. As I am concerned that they might try to sue me in the very near future, at least I want to look into finding a lawyer in California that could send that letter as you are saying. Any recommendations on lawyers that were able to beat a$$ Acc? Any idea how much the charge? Thank you, really appreciate it.
  4. But if they sue me I will need to go to Court and I don't have time for that. I don't take lunch breaks because I am that busy. What are my chances I can win? The Judge will ask if I recognize the Citi debt, and I will have to say yes. What possibly can help me win without getting an attorney? I think it is less expensive to just settle before even goes to Court. Isn't it? Any reco for an attorney that would represent me in the similr range I would like to settle for?
  5. Hi Coltfan1972, I sent my 19% settlement offer to Amex more than 1 mo ago and I have never heard from them. Should I contact them again and offer 20% or should I send the same 19% offer to NCO? What should my next step be? You seem very knowledgeable. Also Asset Acceptance sent me a letter re a Citi $11K debt telling me that my account will be reviewed for placement with an attorney. Should I offer them $2400 to settle? Thanks a lot!
  6. I'm curious, because I received a letter from asset Acc. for one of my Citi accounts informing me that due to failure to make satisfactory arrangements for the resolution of this account, this matter will be reviewed for placement with an attorney. I would like to settle $11K for $2,500. Any advice? Thanks!
  7. Thanks for the tip. I understand. I will offer 20%, because I can actually borrow up to 25%. If I offer 25% from getko, and they ask for more, I will not be able to come up with more. But if you guys are more experienced, please advise. If you believe they will not take 25%, I'd rather not make Amex an offer, but keep getting/saving more money for a more reasonable settlement. It's just I don't want to drag it too much, because I don't want to get sued or garnished, but in the same time, don't want to open a can of worms by making an offer.
  8. I pulled all 3 Credit reports. It seems Amex is closed. One credit reports states: "Account closed at credit grantor's request." Another report shows: “Status: Account charged off. $29,2XX written off. $27,XXX past due as of Jul 2012.”? What do they mean by “written off”? Also they have been checking my credit report constantly. Last time they checked was on 6/01 then on 6/22. What does it mean? Amex called me and my significant other last year I believe at 5 am in the same day. Should I make any reference to that in my settlement offer? Should that help me somehow? If it states closed, does it mean that it is no longer with Amex? It doesn't show where it went. Thanks!
  9. Should I purchase all 3 credit reports from Equifax, or there is another source? They have 2 options: 1) for $39.95; 2) for $29.95. Will the cheaper version suffice or I need to purchase the more expensive one? In regards to NCO, so you think I will start getting offers from them? Maybe I should wait until they start offering it first instead of me going to Amex with a settlement? Thanks!
  10. Thank you for the advice! Will I lose my rights for arbitration if I initiate a settlement offer with Amex?
  11. Thanks a lot! Really appreciate it! Is there a SOL? They garneshed my wages last year. Do you think I might have the right to file it one year later??
  12. You think that since NCO sent me a letter several moths ago, they might pass it to Zwicker or other firm shortly? Also, Amex called me and my significant other at 5 am one time. Can I use that somehow to my advantage in negotiating with NCO? What happened when you sent a complaint to them all? Did you use an attorney? What was the amount of your debt? Thank you!
  13. How can I verify if the debt is with Amex? Is there a difference in settlement percentages between one over the other? I don't want them to say no, because the debt is keeping me awake at night. Last year I had a garnishment, so I want to avoid any potential garnishments with my current creditors, that's why I want to settle my CC debts. Because I am thinking that it might be easier for NCO to find out where I work because of that garnishment. Is there a % that you think might satisfy them, if 18-20% is too low? Thanks bunches!
  14. So... you recommend to not settling the debt with NCO? My debt is $29K ...what are the chances that if go with JAMS I will not loose? Thanks!
  15. So I shouldn't even bother offering 18-20%? What would be a reasonable amount to offer? Thank you.
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