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  1. So...update. The original trial was in October. Attorney was ill and out of state? I guess today was the followup trial. He did not show up. Judge awarded all attorney fees and $200 for my time and stuff? How do I get the 1K if I am eligible? I am happy to have this off of me, but boy the stress this has taken has been too much.
  2. There is now a hearing for sanction fees coming up. I am so thankful for this lawyer that decided to help. How do the sanction fees breakdown? Lawyer fees for pro bono work, possibly paying off some of the negotiated debt to make them go away. and do I end up getting some of this? Just curious. Not expecting anything - just possibly hoping!
  3. Update. I went to one of our free lawstreet sessions and the person I spoke to looked at my file and said there is no reason I should have a judgement against me. He gave me the names of some lawyers. I went to a free consultation and the lawyer was baffled how this default judgement had happened. She said she had another person with the same situation earlier in the week. She wanted some money up front. Thought I had a good case to get it dismissed. I told her I would get the money and come back. About a month later, she called and wanted to talk. She think the lawyer was
  4. A couple of questions: 1) Since the judgement was entered on April 2013 AND I just found out about it last week when they called my HRS department - is it too late?? 2) Shouldn't I have received something in the mail in the last year informing me any of this happened? I am honestly overwhelmed with all of this, how it happened and what to do!!!!
  5. Yes, I filed with the court, sent the letter and yes, I answered the summons very simply - but did answer. Summons: 1) Plaintiff is a Colorado corporation in good standing, has all necessary licenses and has paid all Applicable Fees. 2) Defendants XXXXXXXXXXXXX comprise a martial community under the laws of the State Of Washington and reside in King County. Each of the acts or occurrences benefitted them individually and benefitted their marital community property. 3) Defendents XXXXXXXXXXXXX owe Plantiff the principal sum of $5300.00 plus interest at the rate of 12% per annum, plus cost of
  6. So last week I received an email from my HRS department asking if I was aware of a "new" wage garnishment? I said no. I went over to the court and found Motion for Declaration of Judgement and Judgement in my file and entered into it April 2013. I had no clue nor had I been given notice of any such hearing. They were given the judgement because they said I had not responded in a timely matter. Flashback to January 2013. I was served a summons which I answered in the time allowed and sent certified papers to the lawyers. 1. Who is the named plaintiff in the suit? Me
  7. I found this subject very interesting since it has been 3 months now since I answered the summons and I have not heard from them. I searched my county website to try to find upcoming cases in court I could attend to familiarize myself with the court preceedings. I searched on the filings in my county from 2009 to present for CACH, LLC. There were 17. Of those 17 only 5 had something in the status column. 2 were satisfied and 3 were dismissed without prejudice. The other 12 had status columns of blank! It makes me very curious what is going on with the other 12. Well - one is m
  8. The letter I received via USPS certified mail on March 16 looks like this: March 8, 2013 Jane Doe xxxxxxxxxxxxxxxx xxxxxxxxxxxxxxxx RE: Creditor Cach, LLC Account Number xxxxxxxxxxxxxxx Current balance xxxx.xx NOTICE OF INTENTION TO SUE AND INCUR COSTS PURSUANT TO REVISED CODE OF WASHINGTON 19.16 Dear Jane Doe: Our client, CAHC,LLC has authorized this law firm to file a lawsuit to collect the balance owed. Several attempts have been made to contact you and resolve this matter, but to no avail. Nonetheless, we
  9. It's been awhile. I had been watching the court website for my court date. Today - a knock on my door. USPS Certified Mail Notice of Intention to sue and incur costs Pursuant to Revised Code of Washington 19.16 I have 10 days to contact them. I have moved. The letter was dated March 8th and sent to my old address first then it finally caught up to me today. In my answer to the summons, I included a statement that all communication was to go to my new address. So my 10 days are gone!!! What do I do? Is this a scare tactic? Do I ask for a production of documents? I have been r
  10. No, I did not sign a stipulated judgement. I had a verbal payment arrangement over the phone with Citibank/Sears starting on or around September 2010 . My last payment (though not the amount of the payment arrangement) was in May 2012. However, this amount as far as I can tell is in la la land. I paid the OC, but according to the affadavit my account was sold to Cach,LLC around that time. I don't know who got that last payment. The statements they included in my summons are not reflective of this amount. I keep checking the court web site. Still no court date. I keep reading and reading
  11. I DID have the money. The reasons the payments stopped are my situation changed and I had to have the money for basic living essentials instead and still do. I guess that all doesn't matter now. I am in this situation now and have to deal with the consequences dealt to me.
  12. I filed my answer last week and sent copy off off to lawyers. 5 days before my time expired. Now what to do next? BOP??? Should I send that now or wait?
  13. Help!!!! I need to submit my answer today. I am denying everything except my name. I feel I need to state a couple of affirmative defenses since in the summons it says I must "state my defense in writing". I am basically looking for something that states I have no proof that CACH purchased my debt except for the affadavit included in the summons. Do one of these fit??? ( this is from the post Sample Motions, Forms and Affirmative Defenses. DEFENSES 5. As and for a First Defense Plaintiff failed to state a claim upon which relief can be granted. Plaintiff's Complaint and eac
  14. I have to file my answer on Monday or Tuesday to make . I will deny everything except my name. My summons said I should state my defense in writing. I have read several threads on affirmative defenses. Any ideas on what might be okay to put down in my situation? Also since on the summons they have me residing in King and I do not nor ever have lived there - is this something that should be addressed in my answer? Any and all suggestions/ help is greatly appreciated.
  15. I have read others on this thread and really cannot figure out why I am being sued already?? It appears from others posting it takes several years? I was delinquent only a month or two? Someone PM'd me about contacting a WA lawyer. Maybe I should.