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  1. depends on what the value was and how much was added.
  2. Anyone familar with the term? something about private land and the Federal government. don't know a whole lot and was wondering if anyone understood it.
  3. I disagree. Its not a guess. 'for loan received, I promise to pay'.... How can you receive a loan? You receive the value that was given as a loan. Where is the value that was received? As I mentioned, the lack of proof IS the proof. Now please prove what the loan was.
  4. Amerikaner, and everyone,, I opologize to everyone , if unintentional insulting occurs. Concerning proof, How can I give you proof of something, I have no proof it exists? The lack of the proof. How can I prove a loan doesn't exist if I'm not told what the loan was, so i can prove it doesn't exists? How can I prove paper dollars has no value if i'm not told what the value is? I need to know the value to disprove the value. Amerikaner, BV, can you understand how I feel? I would like for you to share something exists, so I can share with you why I feel it doesn't exist. Words like "
  5. BV, you wrote "Information we provide is supported by law and the courts". I was asking what law are you refering to? Concerning"supported by law"....but what law? I know courts deal with commercial law, is that the law you are refering to? Thanks Amerikana, for locking the other thread, I can get a fresh start with less confusion. When I refer to 'common sense", Im using that term NOT in an insulting manner, but in a manner to be used as evidence. Common sense is part of natural law, not commercial law. If we read something that doesn't "add up", that's what we should be questioning the lende
  6. My response... I do not know of any. Courthouses are for legal. I am trying to share for what is lawful and is not meant to be turned into a court case. It is meant for someone to understand they are not asking the right questions. This legal mortgage stuff continues because we don ask the right questions and disagree with what is being done. So why wouldnt they throw a family out of their house so they can generate more profits......because we don't question their actions based on what is LAWFUL, we are questioning their actions based on what is LEGAL. In other words, its legal to throw a
  7. I'm surprised I am responding to some of these comments but I know our artificial reality has not sunk in yet, so I remain inspired. This information should be questioned concerning who manages your 'life' account. This concerns whoever you allowed to control your funds taken out of your depository, should be liable to giving you correct answers. I'm not talking about the kind of answers someone hopes to hear in a courtroom, but the kind of answers someone hopes to hear in real life...TRUTHFUL answers. Does any one here NOT like being told truthful answers? Anyone? What about honesty, does an
  8. Amerikaner, you need to look in a legal dictionary that deals with "commercial law". If the letters of your name is altered other then how you spell it, there is a reason for it. If you cannot understand the writings, then try common sense. Need proof? Get a pen and piece of paper and sign your name.
  9. on documents. Notice how you spell your name to identify yourself when communicating through paper? Now notice how your name is spelled on documents? All caps. Can you remember a time in your life you spelled your name in all caps? If you do not, then why are they? a fictitious "paper debt" requires a fictitious identity in order to "legally" collect from some one....a middle man, or commonly refered as "straw man". ' Although I am using the phrase 'straw man' so you can relate to what I am sharing, but d not consider it to be an exact term refering to an all capitalized name. Burtons Legal Th
  10. Value doesn't come from the birth certificate, it comes from the live being, the reason for the birth certificate. Its not a "live" birth certificate, its a "birth" of a line "America" is based on credit and debt, NOT money and loans. The system has changed but the words are being kept the same, creating confusion and a life long sentence to slave labor to add value to valueless paper for the benefit of others. You have been given control of a message board containing information you do not seem to fully understand...or you do understand but not sharing it? Also note, Gold
  11. Clear your mind to allow understanding.... Burton's Legal Thesaurus: *Debt --> account outstanding. *Outstanding--> past due. What is an account? (a count of) Numbers. When you receive a letter from a Lender/Servicer stating they are attempting to collect a debt, it involves numbers and it involves being past due. Your credit, accessed through your 'promise to pay' with your signature, is used to purchase your house (fee simple). The Lender/Servicer fails to mention this in a clear manner, then they have you sign a dead pledge (mortgage). Instead of your 'promise to pay' only consisting
  12. Thats a good point, thanks.
  13. I'm understanding the mortgage is NOT the lien, its pledging your house if you fail to pay on the fees attached to the currency your credit is turned into. The lien may be placed on the house because of the lien placed on the currency your credit was turned into. This could also mean the currency we also use for payments, contains the lien as well. So everything we pay with using the currency containing the lien, may automatically belong to the one who has placed the lien on the currency. this may sound far fetched until you learn the currency is not being controlled from within this country,
  14. A mort-gage (dead-pledge) Phony debt or real debt? Here is the difference: You obtain YOUR available credit through your 'promise to pay' sealed with your signature. You just created a REAL debt. This means you owe on something containing REAL value. Your credit is just a valueless number that signifies what you will work for in the future by creating the payments necessary through your time and labor needed to "buy" what you have "purchased" with your credit. Think of it this way, Remember when a "layaway" was accepted at walmart? You could take something off the shelf you wanted to PURCHASE,
  15. "Its evident"..... if someone is to read your post, don't they have the option of deciding what they see being 'evident', without you deciding for them?
  16. bv80, allow sblisko to decide since it was their reply I was replying to. Every word counts. Its through misuse of words we can be taken advantage of within legal documents. Maybe take the legal wording more serious, if you already haven't. Buy yourself a Burton's legal thesaurus, it can be a great help. Or whatever legal dictionary you decide. Now Ill need to learn the meaning of the word sadist ...
  17. bmc, thanks for reply... Ill need to wait for your reply to "sink in" before I can give a better response. Concerning the us treasuries, I understand WE are the treasuries bonds backed by our labor through registration of our birth certificates, creating a 'credit account'. The reserve may be in control of our credit accounts through our BC's. Google "birth certificate a government bond" to learn more about our BC. *My sons BC has the word "audit" with a number written next to it. Mine has numbers but not the word. Taking our available credit and changing it into the paper dollar bill currenc
  18. Can you define leverage according to how you are refering to it as? If I look in the legal dictionary, it will probably contain multiple meanings, leaving me guess which one you meant. thanks.