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  1. I received dunning letter from law firm CA representing the OC - I dv'd and elected arbitration in my letter as this law firm CA well known for their tactics. Several months later received a stack of statements from the OC and a different time period stack of statements from the law firm CA. At that point I filed pre-emptively for arbitration with JAMS and paid my $250 (I did ask for waiver, but did not receive it so I paid the fee to make sure this was officially started) - since the law firm OC is well known for filing lawsuits and I am in pro-creditor state. All paperwork went out to
  2. My experience is that they are informal in that there is no one recording it, no witnesses are called or even present, it was really just a method to have a judge hear both sides and then in a separate conversation with each side tell them why they will lose and how can this be amicably settled.......I would imagine the judge will push very hard trying to come to a dollar amount each side will agree . As for being fined, I think that is more a penalty for not participating in the mediation, period. Why would they fine you for 'not being fully cooperative In coming to an agreement' in court m
  3. Hopefully Beergoggles will respond and as well as any other Board veterans, and correct me if I am wrong, but I believe you are going through mediation through the court system (yes, I am in Arizona) and has nothing to do with the private contractural mediation many others talk about (i.e., using Jams, AAA, etc). The mediation through the courts in Arizona is simply a way to see if the matter can be resolved prior to 'tieing up the courts' so to speak (that's how they promote it!). It is simply a mediator (a different judge than the one assigned to your case) will have you both in his/her
  4. Hi - I need First National Bank of Omaha cardmember agreements for their VISA card and their MASTERCARD - any issued or covering the periods of 1995 through 2010........ All I have been able to find online anywhere is their current one.....
  5. It sorta felt like the wrong category, but not sure which would have been better? I am doing a DV letter regarding FNB Omaha and have been trying to learn as much as possible from this forum so I will know what my next steps are. Because of that, I want to see the arbitration language from the cardholder agreements during those periods rather than the 2013 version, which is all I have been able to find in my searching.
  6. Sorry if in wrong category, but I am looking for and desperately need the cardmember agreement(s) for First National Bank of Omaha issued anytime from 1995 to April 2010 for their VISA card and also their MASTERCARD cards (had both of these). Any help will be gratefully appreciated!
  7. Having serious financial difficulties, fell behind on CC's. Not able to catch up, not able to pay in full, but may be able to do settlements, so would like feedback from board veterans on what they have experienced. I have some that have charged-off, and some that haven't yet been charged-off. Are the best settlements done before charge-off or after? Once a charge-off has occurred, will the OC agree to a settlement without it having to go thru a CA?? In case these factor in fro any responses, there are multiple cc's with one big bank (balances of >5 but <10 each). Do have a few others
  8. Would everyone's response to OP's question be different if that same message was left on a workplace voicemail for OP as opposed to a home voicemail system?? A newbie here just tying to understand the nuances on this subject.
  9. Thank you for the feedback. I am only starting down the path of dealing with CA's and really appreciate this forum and all who contribute!
  10. Dealing with OC who has a CA collecting... (this OC never sells their accounts): I believe several violations have occurred with the CA and am just wondering - what is the time limit for filing on the violations?
  11. I had an MBNA cc that I opened years ago - that account was transferred and ended up with BofA (or Chase?) through mergers, etc. Wouldn't that original agreement with MBNA apply to this account even tho it is now a BofA (or Chase) cc? I have the paper trail in my records, but all in storage for actual final account holder, but am really asking about the concept, since it could give me another agreement as an option in Arbitration, if I go that route.
  12. Thanks - I'll move my new question over to that forum.
  13. Hubby won't do 7 or 13 - it would mean loss of his license. This CC is in my name alone and if he calls them to make a payment or talk to them, they tell him he is not responsible for this debt. Since I have no assets in my name alone (we are in a community property state) doe that mean I could file on my own and not harm him? what would that do to our assets that are owned jointly? just exploring ideas.....
  14. Thanks for the info. Just to expand on my posts, I'm only doing sporadic payments because that is how I get paid - sporadically. Whenever I get a check (commission) I make a payment or two (depending on size of check) - and I am working on a larger commission that should give me a bit extra to hopefully do a settlement with them - that is why I am working to keep them at bay so this doesn't get charged off and go down that path... I lost a big commission earlier this year which really put a hole in my incoming funds so I fell further behind on everyone. My goal is to start whittling away at m