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  1. Let me clarify a little bit... I'm well aware that I would lose at trial. The case is open and shut, if I request a contact they'll produce it, and you're absolutely right, it's a question of how much. I did try to settle, I was polite, I didn't know that the call would disintegrate as quickly as it did. I had every intention of settling the matter that day. The lawyer was literally screaming into the phone. I told the secretary during the conference call how incredibly unprofessional this was. The problem is I need time. If I had the money to pay the credit union today, I would drive over
  2. Hello all, I had a telephone status call two days ago pertaining to a lawsuit filed against me by a credit union for a delinquent auto title loan. Long story short, went delinquent in December, sued in July, sent a blanket denial to the court in response. I'm in Ohio. The judge assigned to the case was out sick, so her secretary handled the call. I spoke to the secretary beforehand and she said we would simply attempt to come to a settlement, and if not, schedule a trial. The call did not go well. The lawyer for the credit union said that they had not received a payment from me since Decem
  3. I have to make a telephone status call pertaining to my case (delinquent auto title loan). I made a blanket denial of the charges against me. I need to have my trial calendar available -- is that just a scheduling of trial? I'm prepared for settlement if that's what we are going to discuss, the trial calendar is the only thing I'm unsure on. The call is in 2 hours, I'm panicking a bit. Thanks.
  4. Even if no one wants to digest the bulk of the story -- can anyone let me know a brief rundown on a telephone status call, what to expect? I'm short on time.
  5. I have a telephone status call tomorrow in regards to a lawsuit filed against me over a delinquent auto title loan. I've made a couple other posts about this issue on this forum and so far everyone's advice has been great -- thanks so much! Long story short, took out an auto title loan in 05/11, stopped paying 01/12, was sued 07/12. I am still in posession of the vehicle, and the OC (credit union) continues to try to collect the vehicle by employing a skip tracer. I'm in Ohio. Got the complaint, which was simply one paragraph saying that I owed the balance plus interest, with a loan disclo
  6. OK, I'll do that tomorrow. Here is the original complaint: Defendant owes Plaintiff $32xx.xx according to the account hereto annexed as Exhibit A. WHEREFORE, Plaintiff demands judgement against the Defendant in the sum of $32xx.xx interest at the rate of 14.80% from May 16, 2012, and costs. Very short and sweet. Exhibit A consisted only of a loan disclosure agreement and a bank statement printout. No contract. No payment history. And here is what I have for an answer thus far: COMES NOW the Defendant, lastlance85, in answering the allegations of the Complaint on file herein, affirms, deni
  7. I've been sued by a credit union for a delinquent car loan. I'm in Ohio. I picked up the summons 07/30 at the post office. I have 28 days, exclusive of the date of service to respond by serving the plaintiff's attorney -- then three days thereafter to file with the court. That leaves me with having to have my answer in TOMORROW 8/27. Being that it's 9:30 PM the day before my 28 day window expires, how am I going to get this to them on time? Is it okay to mail out (certified) the answer to the attorney tomorrow and also file my response with the court in person? Obviously the mail won't ge
  8. Well, yeah, it's secured debt... I'm well aware that the case won't be dismissed because the complaint is weak, but I have to answer. Would you reccommend instead a blanket denial, just dropping the affirmative defense? I have to answer to avoid judgement, and to buy time to gather cash to start negotiating. If I send a letter to the lawyer offering to negotiate, do I have to also send it to the court? Sorry to be asking such simple questions, I've never been sued before. This has gone from simple debt validation to summons quickly. I still don't feel that this lawyer properly validated th
  9. I picked up the summons at the post office. Here's how it reads exactly: ***** Defendant owes Plaintiff $32xx.xx according to the account hereto annexed as Exhibit A. WHEREFORE, Plaintiff demands judgement against the Defendant in the sum of $32xx.xx interest at the rate of 14.80% from May 16, 2012, and costs. ***** Exhibit A consists consists of a loan disclosure agreement and an internal loan inquiry printout from the bank. The original contract was NOT included in the exhibit. Neither is any payment history included. All in all, I was expecting much more. Is this a failure to
  10. I have no problem with negotiating a payment plan. Thing is, they already have a lawyer involved, what is to stop them from getting a judicial order to take the car, and pressing on with the suit to acquire the remainder of the balance? Issue of primary importance is that summons right now... should I pick it up at the post office before Monday?
  11. Greetings all, I've been sued by a local credit union for a delinquent auto title loan (NOT a regular auto financing, but a title loan taken out on a vehicle I owned outright). I am in Ohio. They are the original creditor. Amount is approximately $3,000. The last loan installment paid was 12/11. I got a dunning letter from a lawyer in June, I waited until the day 28 or 29 or so of my 30 day period to send a letter certified with return receipt to him saying that I both disputed and demanded validation of the debt. I got a copy of the original contract, loan application, and a voided copy