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  1. hmmm.. do i detect a slight tinge of sarcasm there? next question: I owe $10K and $4K respectively on two Chase credit cards, and $5K on Capital One. What should I offer them all? I can probably manage to pay about 30% of each with family help. Is that likely to succeed? How long will this negotiation process take? I don't live in the US any more. Will they try to sue me here in the UK over these amounts? I'd really like to hear from someone about this. I'm in the midst of an ugly divorce and have had to move back home with my family in the UK with my two kids, on our own.
  2. but really it isn't. My stepdad has offered to help me pay a "lump sum" debt settlement amount with his credit card - i couldn't do it otherwise - given that it has 0% APR and we can then begin to pay that off together (I'm close to bankrupt after a divorce and moving back to the UK from the US with both my kids). Will the credit card companies - once a settlement is reached - accept a payment from someone else on my behalf? I am no longer in the country, after all. I'm just so thankful to have some help here and I'm hoping the answer is yes. If anyone can answer this, it might give us some m
  3. that's great news Plowman! sorry for the delayed response, i only just logged back in here. may i ask the amount of your debt and how you found an attorney to settle for you? i'd like to do the same. i'm only just about to stop paying and i'd prefer to hire a professional to negotiate for me than do it myself, OR work with a debt settlement company. there's nothing but horror stories out there. can i also ask how long the entire process took to settle, and why you think they vacated the judgement? did you try to settle, or just not pay? Any and all info you have time to divulge would be hugel
  4. even if you're self employed and the check is being mailed abroad? but could creditors do this, or only the IRS?
  5. up til now i've just been wiring the money to myself here once it cleared.
  6. so it would be sensible, i assume, to have the company i work for (on a 1099, self-employed) send my paychecks here to the UK so I can deposit them into my UK bank instead, and to clear out any money I have in savings over there? (total of about $1500, all being saved to cover UK taxes (my next fun thing to sort out). But can "they" somehow seize my US paychecks before they mail them to me here in the UK? Will they contact my employer? Anyone know? Thanks if you can shed any light here. I'm really clueless and don't want to do anything drastic without knowing the possible outcomes.
  7. but what about coming back for visits? that might well happen within the next couple of months because I have belongings in storage i need to contend with. I don't feel entirely good about blowing off the debt. Won't it bite me on the tush at some future time should things change and we do find ourselves back there? It seems incredibly unlikely, but I'm too old and wise now to say that it's an impossibility..
  8. Hello, I'd be incredibly grateful to anyone could either answer this or point me towards a thread that will do so. I've just moved back to the UK after a divorce with both my young children, and I've left behind around $20K in credit card debt in New York. Up until now (arrived here June 1, it's now Aug 1) I've been making the minimum payments, but can't keep it up because of expenses here. I still hold a job that's based in the US - I work as an graphic designer (independent contractor). That paycheck still gets deposited into a US bank once a month (Chase) and I then wire it over here. Tho