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  1. Honestly ,I lost touch w the other guy,I have no idea. Co-signing was stupid.
  2. It's credit acceptance corpation the amount is almost 13k.
  3. Ok thank you even if I live in ny? Do u know if the statue of limitations is only 4 year b.c it's an auto loan.
  4. Hi if I cosigned an auto loan with someone,it took place in Nj. The company is located in MI,the finance company. The car was bought in Nj and we both life in ny. Which states statue of limitations apply? Is it it 4 years b.c it an auto loan?
  5. The judgment was actually for a tad over $2500,I hired a lawyer and he worked out a settlement for $1250 and the judgement would be vacated. I have until 5-28,to make the payment. I'm just waiting to get everything in writing them ,I will mail out a check. Foster and Garbus seemed very hard to work with. The lawyer cost $500,I saved about $750,minus the tax hit once I get the 1099 c forum.
  6. Some time around 10-16,capital one got a default judgment against me,I screwed up by not showing up to court. They have not garnish my check or anything. I would like to resolve this. The Judgement isn't on my credit report, I want to take care of it. They used the law firm foster and garbus,which I read can be difficult. I got just about enough to cover it. The amount is about $2800 and I am in ny. I was wondering if anyone had any experience settling with them, in one lump sum,after judgment. Could I get some type of discount? Any tips or advise, on what to say?
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