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  1. OK so what should the appeal look like, say, and a stay of judgement, so that I can take this situation back, I still have two other cases pending, but I am still have not begun the disclosure process yet on either.::
  2. I did just show up to argue my points, maybe I should have opposed the MSJ, I did call here-say on the affidavits, however they were allowed, this is not my first run, I help a buddy of mine in the next city over and we crushed midland, with lack of privity and the same rounds of discrepancies , however the judge was done at lack of privity. I probably, just missed something, or did not do the right things, there was a guy just before me which there wasn't even a bill of sale and he lost as well. by the way all by way of the phone. My accuser is not even present! how demoralizing is that!
  3. I argued standing, privity, pointed out every discrepancy, challenged bill of sale, billing statements, address, OC contract, jdb contract, affidavits x 3, the mismatching dates of ownership, out right denial of the debt, the judge replied you have brought up some valid points and said he would revisit the case and render his decision which was not in my favor. judgement summary for the plaintiff of 4000.00 + this was in Arizona precinct 7, my opinion was the judge had already decided the case and our defense was not an issue, the lawyers were present telephonicly. I'm at a loss for words, any
  4. Then I recieved: MIDLAND V WIFE AND COOTER NO.# XXXXXX-XXXX APPLICATION AND AFFIDAVIT FOR DEFAULT 1 I AM PLANTIFF OR PLANTIFF'S ATTORNEY IN THIS ACTION. 2 The following defendant(s) in this action failed to plead or otherwise defend: wife and cooter 3 I have mailed a copy of this application and affidavit to the defendant(s) and their attorney: or the identity of the defendant(s) attorney is unknown to me: or the whereabouts of the defendants are unknown to me. 4 unknown if one of the named defendant(s) is engaged in any active military service of the United States. 5 This application and affi
  5. Debt Collector's failure, both intentional and otherwise, to complete/answer points "1" through "44" above and return this Debt Collector Disclosure Statement, as well as provide Respondent with the requisite documentation/records validating the hereinabove-referenced alleged debt, constitutes Debt Collector's tacit agreement that Debt Collector has no verifiable, lawful, bona fide claim re the hereinabove-referenced alleged account, and that Debt Collector tacitly agrees that Debt Collector waives all claims against Respondent and indemnifies and holds Respondent harmless against any and all
  6. I also sent this with my answer: Via: U.S.P.S Certified Mail, Delivery Confirmation No. Defendant Plantiff Re: Case# xxxxxxxxxxxxx Dear Plantiff/attorney, The information provided by you to the courts does not detail enough information needed to validate the claim you have against me. I have enclosed a “Debt Collector Disclosure Statement” to assist with the “Confirmation of correctness, truth, or authenticity, by affidavit, oath, or deposition” of the account in question. This would include but not limited to th
  7. My answer MIDLAND FUNDING LLC, Plaintiff, vs. ME Defendant. Case No: _________________ Defendant, appearing Pro-Se, for her reply to the Complaint naming MIDLAND FUNDING LLC Plaintiff as follows: All answers correspond to the numbered paragraphs of the Complaint(s). All allegations of the Complaint(s) are denied unless expressly admitted herein. Answer to paragraph one of complaint: The defendant admits to being a resident of Maricopa County, State of Arizona. However, the defendant denies the rest of the allegations made in paragraph one because the defendant has insufficient evidence to dete
  8. Sorry, I was not forthcoming with all the information as I am a bit skiddish as to not identify myself. However, it was Midland through Kaplan, I currently have this one and two others that I'm dealing with at this time. I have consulted these boards but have not participated until now. I have been successful once against Midland helping a friend, and have done my homework, however the pressure is on. I have filed an answer in the allotted time but the papers sent to me state I have failed to plead or defend. In my answer I included responses to both paragraphs with admit of name and address,
  9. I'm not sure I did not file my answer correctly, however can I stop this? or is it too late? can anyone advise?