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  1. Good point. The packing seems pretty robust, with lots of molded styrofoam to keep the bottles in place. I know that doesn't do too much to deflect heat. I've had pretty good luck with shipments from other wine clubs (all from a single winery... all in my general vicinity).
  2. I honestly would have done something different if I'd known my kids weren't required to get an SSN at birth. Good to know!
  3. lightstruck


    I hate to be 'that guy' but it's difficult to wrap my brain around these viewing parties. It seems EVERYBODY was going to one. And I like science as much as the next person, but...
  4. I'm new here, but do you have to fill those out?
  5. I'm looking forward to tapping into this 'brain trust.' Y'all have demonstrated expertise with knowledge that, for many, is only used in the short term and, once you don't use it anymore, is almost never passed on. So, thanks for your time, everybody!
  6. For me, it's creeping into what was formely LinkedIn-only territory. So many of my business associates want to be friends on Facebook. It slows down my usage. I know I can put everyone in buckets and only share certain stuff with certain buckets, but I can't put that kind of time into Disneyland pictures.
  7. In return for making a few connections for someone who cold called me looking for help, I got a gift subscription to the Wine of the Month Club (this guy really, really didn't have to do that). I have to be honest, due to travel, illness and forgetting it was there, I haven't even opened one of the bottles. Yet. This was a really thoughtful gift, but not having tasted any of the selections that were sent to me, does anyone have experience with how good the selections are? I love the idea of giving this as a gift to business connections, but I don't want to seem like a rube for sending junk win